Saturday 18 September 2021
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in Gurugram imparts ‘Congress education’; exposed teacher resigns

While a Moradabad has been caught trying to influence students with Islamic teachings, which the founder said would promote attendance

After a teacher employed at an international school in Gurugram was summoned by the principal last week after a video featuring her making political comments like “the BJP is ruining the country” and “the governments of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were ideal, which people remember to this day” during an class went viral, she has put in her papers and disappeared. The issue was brought to the notice of parents by some children who had raised it with the principal.

When the principal sought an explanation from the accused teacher, Sova Das, last Wednesday, she hurriedly resigned and fled the school.

Das used to work at the Euro International School in Sector 10 of Gurugram. She is heard teaching a batch of Class 10 students in the video above that went viral on social media.

A strong critic of the union government led by the BJP, the teacher allegedly would vent her political frustration during the classes. In the video, Sova is heard saying, “The BJP government is destroying the country. You might not realise this today, but you will in future.”

The teacher attacked the BJP government for the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) during the class. She misled her students, claiming that the law would result in the exodus of all Muslims who came to India after 1944, adding that the said community was, therefore, agitated.

The viral video, loaded with her political outburst, also showed Sova mocking Hindus for voting for the BJP. The teacher asserted that some Hindus voted for the BJP simply because of their religious identity. Since Das used to frequently conduct classes in such an unprofessional manner, the students recorded the same and showed the clips to their parents.

A group of parents then complained to the principal of Euro International School, Nidhi Kapoor, and told her that Sova makes political comments like Ram temple is being built just for votes. The principal was also apprised that the teacher used to tell the students that the erstwhile Congress governments of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were righteous and that’s why people still talk about them.

The school principal said the teacher in question has been sent a notice and action will be taken if she is found guilty.

In another development, seen in the second part of the video above, a supposed secular school in Moradabad of Uttar Pradesh was caught trying to influence the students of all faiths with teachings of Islam. When confronted, the founder, who happens to be an army veteran, excused himself saying his school was trying to promote attendance of students in the classes.

Moradabad School was running an Islamist brainwashing program. Got busted

It’s the English-medium Delhi Public Global School in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad district, affiliated to the CBSE.

An advertisement put up by the Moradabad school stated “adoption of Islamic values in personal life” as the subject matter of the two-day summer camp for 3 h a day. It carried pictures of Islamic places like the Kaa’bah. It listed topics like “What is Islam?”, “How to understand Qur’an” and “responsibility of a Muslim” for discussion during the camp.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and ABVP launched protests against the school’s propaganda for religious conversion. The school was then forced to cancel the summer camp that was to be held on 3 and 4 July.

“This type of religious education for kids coming from other faiths is targeted towards changing their mindset and convert them to Islam,” said ABVP’s Sachin Singh.

When confronted, school manager Mansoor Siddiqui claimed that through Islamic teachings, the school was trying to impart nationalistic values.

“We had picked up the subject to draw in Muslim students for the summer camp and inculcate nationalistic values in them. We had no intention to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments or promote religious conversion” said Siddiqui.

In a similar case earlier, Mohammad Umar Gautam, the ringleader of a massive Islamic conversion racket, had visited an English medium school in Fatehpuri and forced teachers to convert the kids. When one of the teachers protested, Umar used his reach and power and got her expelled from the school.

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