Wednesday 26 January 2022
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School gives clean chit to teacher who made Hindu students pray to Allah

Orchids The International School in Bengaluru categorically denied that such an incident had ever occurred and said the teacher was not even a Muslim

Following the viral video of a little girl from Bengaluru who had complained that one of her teachers had made her and other Hindu pray to Allah — whom the teacher referred to as “the better god” — for not being able to solve a mathematical sum, an internal audit of this incident conducted by the school has given a clean chit to the teacher and implied that the child is lying.

Chiru Bhat, a journalist from Karnataka, had shared a video where the girl student narrated how her teacher Sarika Rana had made them pray to Allah with hands shaped like a bowl and wipe their faces thereafter, as is done in namaz (salah), to understand the maths problem. The teacher was purportedly imparting a lesson on ‘money’.

In an elaborate statement, Orchids The International School, located at BTM Layout of Bengaluru, categorically denied that such an incident had ever occurred. The statement released by the school claimed that the action mentioned by the girl in the video was an “eye palming exercise”.

The management of the school claimed its policy was always to promote “secularism”. The school said further that the teacher was not a Muslim who could do such a thing. It said that the children in the classroom confirmed that the teacher had been wrongly accused.

The school has also threatened to take strong action against the “defamatory video” to “safeguard the reputation of the school”.

However, in a new video, the little girl reaffirmed that the incident had happened and she said she stood by what she had stated in the previous video. She also distinguished between the claimed “eye palming exercise” and the Islamic prayer gesture. This video has been shared by the girl’s father Vikram Simha on Twitter.

The father said that he had spoken to the school management and their legal team, during which they recorded the conversation. He mentioned that the school had refused to record his daughter’s statement.

The school management had also allegedly called the father to meet with them in their office.

This is not the first time the said school is in news for the wrong reasons. In October 2014, a case of sexual assault on a 4-year- kid was reported from here.

News amplified on request by the original publisher The Commune

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