Sunday 17 October 2021
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Scapegoats like Pitroda, Aiyar will take the blame for Congress defeat on 23 May: PM Modi

When the Congress loses, they will say they lost because of the statements by the ilk of Sam Pitroda and Mani Shankar Aiyar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, adding the reason that the dynasty cannot be blamed for that party's debacle at the Lok Sabha election of 2019


Deoghar: Addressing a massive rally at the holy city of Deoghar in Jharkhand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the Congress was now staring at its defeat. This is why, he said, its leaders like Sam Pitroda and Mani Shankar Aiyar have started blabbering again.

Modi said this was the Congress’s bid to look for a scapegoat. “When they lose, they will say they lost because of such bayaanbaazi (proclivity to make statements),” the prime minister said.

Congress leaders like Pitroda and Aiyar are “willing scapegoats”, Prime Minister Modi said. He added that the BJP’s win is now certain because even Congress has started its preparations for defeat.

The prime minister claimed that the Congress was holding marathon meetings to look for scapegoats because the naamdaar (a reference to the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty) could not be blamed for the party’s debacle at the Lok Sabha election.


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Overwhelmed by the sight of the huge crowd at the under-construction international airport in Kunda of Deoghar, Prime Minister Modi said what would happen on 23 May was all too clear. “The BJP is going to win.”

The prime minister invoked the venerated icons of the like Sidhu and Kanhu Murmu, Chand and Bhairav. He said Pitroda was the guru of Congress president Rahul Gandhi. “Nobody in the Congress utters a word without the permission of the dynasty,” Modi said, adding, “It is following the instruction of the dynasty that Pitroda made the ‘hua to hua’ statement” about the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom.

Modi drew an analogy with cricket and said even in Gujarat the opposition would curse him and “get out hit wicket”. “They are back at the game,” he said. “After 23 May, these are the batsmen who would be blamed for the defeat of the Congress,” the prime minister said.

The reception hours before Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at this ground where a futuristic international airport is being built

On the seventh (last) phase of the Lok Sabha election, Godda, Dumka and Rajmahal of Jharkhand are slated to vote. In 2014, the BJP had won only Godda from this region. In 2019, the BJP faces the combined challenger of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, Congress and Jharkhand Vikas Morcha.

The BJP’s candidates in the region are Nishikant Dubey from Godda, Sunil Soren from Dumka and Hemlal Murmu from Sahibganj. The prime minister appealed to the people to ensure all the three candidates of the BJP win.

Speaking on the issue of development, Modi said that he had the blessing of Lord Baidyanath and Lord Basukinath (forms of Lord Shiva) and that he was committed to the progress of Babadham.

Modi said that development of the Santhal region was his priority and that the upcoming airport, as well as a branch of the AIIMS, would benefit the people of this area. He said that the stretch between the airport and Sahibganj would undergo industrial development.

Modi counted central government measures like Ayushman Bharat and said the poor were benefiting from it.

Referring to the opposition once again, the prime minister said their alliance was a mahamilavat (super-adulteration).

The prime minister assured the tribal population that their lands were safe and appealed to them not to pay heed to the opposition-spread rumour that they could lose their lands. “Your lands are safe till the time Modi is around,” the prime minister said.

Modi reminded the crowd that this of the tribal people was carved out by Atal Bihari Vajpayee who also dedicated a separate ministry for the community. The NDA 1 government had ensured with new laws that the tribal people retain their land rights, Modi said.

In the 24-minute long speech, Modi cautioned the people against the opposition that had a soft corner for terrorists and Maoists. He said that the opposition had neither the will nor the power to fight terrorism. he said, therefore, the people had decided that the BJP ought to continue in power.

Speaking on the occasion, Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that successive governments neglected the Santhal regon for 67 years until the BJP came to power. He counting the upcoming international airport, AIIMS and a college in Dumka as the achievements of the BJP governments at the Centre and the State.

BJP’s Jharkhand unit head Lakshman Gilua, former chief minister Arjun Munda, Lok Sabha in-charge Mangal Pandey, All Jharkhand Students’ Union head Sudesh Mahato, Jharkhand ministers Rajpaliwar, Louis Marandi, Randhir Singh, Sunil Soren, Hemlal Murmu, Anant Ojha and Nishikant Dubey attended the rally. They had spoken on the occasion before the prime minister’s arrival.

The prime minister flew off to address a rally in West Bengal after the event.

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