Thursday 26 May 2022
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SC calls Bhushan’s ‘evidence’ against PM fictitious

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New Delhi: In a major blow to anti-corruption crusader Prashant Bhushan’s allegations of payoff to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by corporate houses during his tenure as the CM of Gujarat, Supreme Court has refused to order a probe into the matter terming the evidence as “fictitious”, and “zero.”

Bhushan had earlier alleged that a whistleblower had sent him documents seized during I-T on Sahara and Birla in the 2013-14 timeframe which ‘proved’ that Modi received Rs 55 crore as bribe.

The SC bench comprising Justice J S Khehar and Justice Arun Mishra however were not impressed. They said, “We can’t order investigation only because you name a big person… so far as this material is concerned, it does not arouse suspicion. We are not satisfied at all. These are high public functionaries. If you are bringing this material before us, it is nothing. It is a serious issue.”

We are not shying away from hearing the case but something authentic must be placed before us… Documents seized from the premises of Birla and Sahara groups are nothing. These are zero. You must bring credible evidence. – SC bench.

Trashing the idea of ordering an SIT probe into the matter, the bench further added, “All these are non-genuine documents. They are all fictitious documents. You are relying on that. We already had held it was all fictitious. Give us something authentic.”

When Bhushan, appearing for his NGO which filed the PIL, moved from the Sahara to the Birla group documents which purportedly carried names of politicians to whom money was paid, the bench retorted that any corrupt person could name a high profile individual just to divert attention, that cannot be sufficient reason to start an investigation.

Bhushan has now been given till December 14 to gather credible evidence.



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