Tuesday 25 January 2022
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SBI assigns 1 number to 2 a/cs: One deposits, other withdraws

While SBI customer HS Kushwaha realised after six months Rs 89,000 was missing from his account, the other customer of the bank HS Baghel presumed it was DBT from 'Modi ji'

A bizarre case of banking anomaly unfolded in Bhind of Madhya Pradesh, the news of which has just arrived. The Alampur branch of State Bank of India (SBI) assigned one account number to two different customers. One customer kept depositing money in the account and the other customer (whose number was the same) kept withdrawing it.

This wasn’t but a case of fraud by the withdrawer. His passbook showed the exact number as that of the depositor. What is funnier, given the buzz among the have-nots of the country that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a welfarist, the poor guy assumed the government was sending him this money!

What is stranger, the depositor did not realise it or complain when the mistake was first committed. The odd transactions did not happen twice or thrice; they went on for six months, as the withdrawing account holder took out a total of Rs 89,000 of the depositing customer.

Finally, when the victim realised his money was vanishing in thin air, he spoke to the bank manager. The SBI management was shocked at its own blunder.

Hukum Singh Kushwaha, son of Harvilas Kushwaha, who hails from the Rurai village of Alampur, Uttar Pradesh, works in Haryana. Hukum Singh’s account is in the SBI branch of Alampur. The passbook was issued to him by the SBI on 12 November 2018. His customer number is 88613177424 and savings account number is 20313782314.

After opening the account, Hukum moved to Haryana. He kept depositing money in his account from there. When Hukum came back from Haryana and reached the bank to withdraw money from his account on 16 October, he found only Rs 35,000 in it. He was told that Rs 89,000 had been withdrawn from the account on different dates from 7 December 2018 to 7 May 2019. Hukum complained to manager Rajesh Sonkar.

After investigation, it was found that the customer number and account number issued by the SBI to Hukum Singh was issued also to Hukum Singh Baghel, son of Ramdayal Baghel, a resident of Roni village. Baghel was given his passbook by the bank on 23 May 2016.

When Baghel was summoned to the SBI branch by the management, he accepted that in the past six months he had withdrawn Rs 89,000. He promised to return the money to Kushwaha in three instalments.

Withdrawing customer of SBI assumed PM Modi was giving him all that money

Baghel had linked his Aadhaar number to this account. He withdrew the money from a kiosk. Baghel would make a thumb impression to withdraw the cash from the kiosk.

Hukum Singh Baghel said, “I had an account, money came in; I believed (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi ji is giving money; so I withdrew it.”

“We had no money, we were helpless. I got some work done at home and, hence, I needed the money,” Baghel said.

The apparently innocent Baghel blames the SBI for his misjudgement.

Alampur SBI branch manager Sonkar said that neither of these accounts had been opened during his tenure in this branch. He said, “I received a complaint regarding this and am also informing the higher authorities for action.”

The manager said that he would give the a written statement if needed. As of now, the bank is working on transferring to Kushwaha’s account his money that he had never withdrawn.

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