Friday 27 May 2022
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Salaries to all on one fixed day of the month: Modi’s latest

The prime minister is personally overseeing the drafting of the bill that, when turned into a law, will ensure private sector employers do not hold up salaries indefinitely or arbitrarily

Soon, all salaried employees in the country will get their salaries the same day. The Narendra Modi government is working on a ‘One Nation, One Pay Day’ policy.

Prime Minister Modi is himself monitoring the progress in the drafting of the which is to be placed in Parliament soon. Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar shared this information about ‘One Nation, One Pay Day’. His unverified Twitter handle posted, “India mulls ‘One Nation, One Pay Day’: Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar…”

Gangwar told the media, “There should be a uniform system in the entire country, under which all the employees and labourers of all classes in every sector get salary on the same day of the month. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself wants the necessary law to be ready and be passed by Parliament.” The Union minister was speaking on the sidelines of a function organised on the occasion of the birth centenary of to felicitate sportspersons.

After the implementation of ‘One Nation, One Pay Day’, all employees of the organised sector will get their salaries on the same day. As of now, there is no fixed system for getting one’s salary.

At present, companies or organisations pay their employees on any day of the month according to convenience. Most private-sector employees get salaries on the 7th or 15th of the month; some get it on the 30th or 31st of the month.

Apart from this, the government is working towards implementing a uniform minimum wage programme. It is also preparing to implement an occupational safety, health and working condition code (OSH) to regulate wages.

OSH was introduced in the Lok Sabha on 23 July 2019. This code is being prepared by combining 13 labour laws.

Several other provisions have been added to the proposed law. For example, provisions like appointment letter, annual free checkup for every employee have been added to this code.

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