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Sakshi Mishra gets father’s blessings, assured of no harm

After a video of Sakshi Mishra, daughter of BJP MLA from Bareilly Rajesh Mishra, made people relive the horror of honour killing, mitigating factors are gradually setting in

New Delhi: Sakshi Mishra, daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra alias Pappu Bhartaul who grabbed headlines by claiming in a video that her parents were after her husband and her since she got married to a Dalit man, wanted to be a journalist. She revealed during an interview on a private television channel that she had undergone a course in mass communication.

Daughter of the Bareilly MLA, Sakshi reached the Aaj Tak studio with her husband Ajitesh Kumar on Friday and spoke at length about their relationship. This is where she said she wanted to work in a media house.

Sakshi said she had a lot of dreams, that she wanted to pursue her studies further. She said that it was not easy for her to even attend the mass communication classes.

In the meantime, Sakshi’s brother and Rajesh Mishra’s son told some news TV channels that he stood rock solid in support of his sister.

After doing her bachelors in mass communication, Sakshi wanted to do masters in the same subject. She had sought her family’s permission for the higher study.

“I had so many dreams and wanted to study. I used to tell my father to take me to work but he never took me seriously,” Sakshi said on TV.

Sakshi Mishra 2
When Sakshi ‘wedded’ Abhishek: The mahant of the temple where this marriage was allegedly solemnised says this certificate is fake

During the interview, the channel called up MLA Mishra. He said his blessings were with his daughter and then hung up after she asked her father to change his mindset and not practise caste discrimination. The channel contacted him again. They asked him why his daughter’s choice was of no value to him. He said Sakshi faced no threat to her life from him.

Sakshi Mishra made news when her video where she said her husband’s and her life were in danger since they married went viral. The issue of ‘honour killing’ made people relate to her plight instantly. Ajitesh belongs to a Scheduled Caste while Sakshi hailed from a Brahmin family.

But there is a twist in the tale. The mahant of the temple where this marriage was allegedly solemnised has appeared on other television channels to claim that the marriage certificate bandied about by the couple (a copy of its image appears above) was fake.

Sakshi had earlier filed a petition in the Allahabad High Court, seeking protection to “live a peaceful life” as a married couple. The case will be heard next on 15 July as Sakshi Mishra and her husband Ajitesh were not present in the court when the matter came up.

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