Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Saigal Hossain amassed wealth only after being roped in by Anubrata Mandal of Trinamool Congress

Even his relatives did not notice the rise of the bodyguard until he began flanking Trinamool Congress's District Birbhum president Anubrata Mandal everywhere

Trinamool Congress’s Birbhum president Anubrat Mandal’s bodyguard Saigal Hossain, in a cattle-smuggling case, has been sent to 7-days CBI custody. Following the questioning of the accused in the case this afternoon, CBI judge Rajesh Chakraborty denied bail to the bodyguard. The next hearing is on 17 June.

CBI investigation has revealed the alleged ill-gotten wealth of Saigal Hossain who has so much money to spare that he donated a flat to his maid in Kolkata. Saigal Hossain got a job as a constable in 2010 after the death of his father.

Saigal Hossain worked in Suti in Murshidabad for some time after leaving the job of a constable. Anubrata Mandal appointed him as his bodyguard thereafter. Since then, he has been a confidante of Anubrata Mandal, sources said.

Few noticed how Saigal Hossain’s importance and wealth were both rising as the Trinamool Congress leader’s right-hand man. Even his close relatives say they noticed nothing unusual.

The picture began to change in 2016 when Saigal Hossain became Anubrata Mandal’s trusted aide.

Saigal Hossain supervises all the administrative and business affairs of Anubrat Mandal. Mostly by phone. Trinamool Congress sources who are detractors of Mandal say that Saigal Hossain controlled all the activities of the politician in Birbhum.

In turn, Saigal Hossain developed his own coterie, members of which are on the CBI radar. The business community of Birbhum are reportedly unnerved because Mandal’s bodyguard maintained a network in the local markets.

The CBI had sought 14 days’ custody of Saigal. However, the most important issue in today’s hearing was the show-cause notice to the investigating officer of the central probe agency in this case. The judge served a show-cause notice to the IO of the case for arresting Saigal without sending a notice under the specific section of the CrPC in accordance with the law. The judge ordered him to respond on 17 June.

On 10 June (today), the Asansol CBI court saw heavy police deployment to prevent any disturbance during the trial. Saigal was brought in two under the siege of the central forces. CBI court judge Rajesh Chakraborty went directly to the court.

Earlier, Saigal’s lawyers Anirban Guha Thakurta and Sanjeev Kumar Daan had moved the Asansol court where the hearing of Saigal Hossain’s case was delayed due to the called by the bar association. The strike was later called off. Finally, at 3 PM, a group led by bar association president Rajesh alias Bunty Tewari agreed to let the hearing begin. During the hearing, the defence lawyers questioned Saigal’s arrest.

Anirban Guha Thakurata told the court, “This arrest is illegal. In this case, the fundamental rights of the person have been taken away. Citing the case of Arnish Kumar of the Supreme Court, he said, “In order to make an arrest, one has to give notice under Section 41 of the CrPC. It is compulsory. It has not been done in this case.”

The IO of the case could himself not give the correct answer to the judge’s question. In the end, after more than an hour of questioning, the judge denied Saigal bail.

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