Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Sachin Vaze says Pradeep Sharma procured gelatin sticks

Sachin Vaze has claimed that disgraced cop Pradeep Sharma, while trying to get the gelatin sticks, had taken the help of one of his aides

National Investigating Agency (NIA) sources have now confirmed to media that that ex-Mumbai Police API Sachin Vaze has named former encounter cop Pradeep Sharma, who was earlier questioned by the NIA sources on 7 April, in his confession.

Sources have confirmed that Sachin Vaze has now confessed that it was Pradeep Sharma who had allegedly acquired (via an aide) the gelatin sticks that had been found in the green-coloured Scorpio, which was found parked outside Mukesh Ambani’s residence Antilia on 25 February.

In a shocking confession to the NIA, Sachin Vaze has claimed that Pradeep Sharma was with Sachin Vaze during the nights of 3 and 4 March and was present on the night when Sachin Vaze had actually called Mansukh Hiren to come and meet him. For this meeting, Mansukh Hiren was allegedly asked to tell his wife that he is actually going to go and meet Inspector Tawde and not Sachin Vaze so that an alibi could also be created. Media has exposed the false ‘breadcrumbs’ Sachin Vaze allegedly tried to leave on this night.

Sachin Vaze in his confession has claimed that Pradeep Sharma was the person who had helped him get the gelatin sticks and that Sharma had taken the help of one of his aides. Furthermore, Sachin Vaze has claimed that Pradeep Sharma was using SIM-cards acquired from Gujarat, and the suspended API has named another man in the construction business.

The investigation agency on 7 April had questioned former encounter cop Pradeep Sharma and he was at the NIA’s office at the time of drafting of this report.

On 2 March, former encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma allegedly the now suspended Mumbai API Sachin Vaze at his CIU office in the afternoon for about one hour. They then allegedly met another senior Mumbai Police official. Later in the evening, Sachin Vaze made Mansukh Hiren meet a lawyer. A letter in the name of Mansukh Hiren was drafted by the lawyer in which he alleges that he was being harassed by Mumbai police officials. 

On 4 March, Pradeep Sharma and Sachin Vaze allegedly once again, sources have revealed. The NIA suspects that they in western suburbs (Andheri, Marol and Chakala). There were other police officials who were also present during the meeting. The NIA had taken Sachin Vaze to these areas for recreation on 3 April.

Former police officer Pradeep Sharma was a part of Mumbai Police’s encounter squad which Sachin Vaze and other officers were also a part of. The former encounter cop quit the Mumbai Police in 2019 after having served for over 30 years following which he joined the Shiv Sena and contested & lost in the 2019 elections from the Nalasopara constituency.

Pradeep Sharma, who was previously suspended from service owing to corruption allegations, was reinstated back into service in 2017 after he was cleared of all charges.

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