Tuesday 21 September 2021
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Sachin Vaze confesses: Conspiracy in threatening Ambani, Shiv Sena involved

Hiran's wife had claimed that her husband had given the SUV to Sachin Vaze in November, which the officer returned in the first week of February

In the case of planting explosives near the house of in Mumbai, the National Agency (NIA) on arresting Mumbai Police officer Sachin Vaze today, has extracted some confessions from him (with regard to the mysterious death of Mansukh Hiren) too.

After questioning him for over 13 hours the NIA arrested the top cop in connection with the bomb scare at ’s Antilia residence.

The NIA spokesperson said Vaze has been arrested allegedly “for his role and involvement in placing explosives-laden vehicle near Carmichael road” on 25 February.

NIA has seized Vaze’s SUV and is inspecting the car for clues.

Sachin Vaze has admitted that he was a part of the conspiracy to spread a message of terror in society by parking a bomb-laden car near Ambani’s house Antilia. Sources say that he said he was a very small part of the plan while some Shiv Sena politicians played a major role. Sachin Vaze said, “I am a tip of the iceberg in this case.”

NIA is still investigating the matter from every angle while Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has raised questions on the stating that why is a central investigation agency probing a businessman’s case. 

Sources have confirmed that Sachin Vaze has revealed the involvement of other Mumbai police officers in the case.

On the other hand, BJP leader Ram Kadam has demanded a Narco test for Mumbai police officer Sachin Vaze to know the truth of the case.

Is has come to light that the Innova car seen in the CCTV along with the explosive-laden SUV outside Ambani’s Antilia, belonged to Mumbai the Crime Intelligence Unit and was generally used by Vaze and his colleagues. 4 members of CIU (2 drivers and 2 officers) were also called by NIA. They have come to join the investigation.

Vaze has been arrested allegedly “for his role and involvement in placing explosives-laden vehicle

The case was handed over to the NIA after the mysterious death of a Thane-based businessman Mansukh Hiran, who had claimed that the vehicle had been stolen a week earlier. His body was found in a creek at Thane on 5 March.

Hiran’s wife had claimed that her husband had given the SUV to Vaze in November, which the officer returned in the first week of February.

During his questioning by the ATS, Vaze had denied using the SUV that was in possession of Hiran.

Vaze has been booked under Sections 120 (B) for criminal conspiracy; 286 for negligent conduct with respect to explosive substance; 465 for forgery; 473 for making or possessing counterfeit seal and 506(2) for criminal intimidation.

Earlier on 13 March, before heading to the NIA office, Sachin Vaze posted a cryptic WhatsApp status claiming that he is being falsely implicated in the case and that the “time to say goodbye” to the world is getting closer.

“3 March 2004. Fellow officers from the CID arrested me in a false case. That arrest inconclusive to date. Sensing history is going to repeat. My fellow officers are on to falsely trap me. There’s a slight difference in the scenario. Then probably I had 17 years of hope, patience, life, and service too. Now I will have neither 17 years of further life nor service nor patience to live. I think the time to say goodbye to the world is coming closer,” the status read.

On 12 March, Vaze was moved out from the Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU) of the Mumbai Police Crime Branch to the Special Branch amid allegations linked to his role in the bomb scare and the alleged murder of Thane resident Mansukh Hiren.

BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis alleged that Vaze knew Hiren and they had spoken over the phone earlier last year. After Hiren’s death came to light, Fadnavis read out a statement in the Maharashtra of the deceased’s wife Vimla in which she alleged that Vaze was linked to her husband’s death.

On 25 February, the Scorpio was found near Ambani’s residence Antilia with explosives and a threat letter inside. While police have also tracing links of this case to Indian Mujaheedin, the case got murkier after Hiren’s death.

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