Thursday 26 May 2022
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Saandh Ki Aankh inspiring story, say Taapsee, Bhumi

Saandh ki Aankh is inspired by Chandro Toman and Prakashi Tomar, the oldest sharp shooters in the history of the game, who aimed high for the first time after crossing their 60s

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Mumbai: Actors and believe their upcoming movie, Saandh Ki Aankh, which chronicles an inspiring real life story, will bring more on sharp shooting as a sport.

The film is inspired by Chandro Toman and Prakashi Tomar, who became the oldest sharp shooters in the history of the game, when they aimed high for the first time after crossing their 60s.

Taapsee, who plays the role of Prakashi, said it was inspiring to portray a woman, who against all odds, “picked up the gun and shot her way to glory and success.”

“I saw how both of them encourage the game of sharp shooting. Despite coming from a rural place, these two women have shown me that Indian women are no less than anyone else in the world when it comes to sports, strong will and fighting for their dream,” Taapsee said in a statement.

Bhumi said playing the role of Chandro in Saandh ki Aankh taught her a lot about sharp shooting.

“I interacted with so many people living in that village of Meerut and got to know how passionate everyone seems to be about sharp shooting. They work so hard to ace this sport that it gives me goose bumps. The excitement for the sport is growing and I hope that more interesting sportsmen come up for this,” Bhumi added.

Directed by Tushar Hiranandani, Saandh ki Aankh also stars Prakash Jha and Vineet Kumar.

During an interview earlier in July, Taapsee had mentioned that in an industry where a male lead actor is called a hero, her aim is to break this gender-based stereotype and she plans to do so slowly and steadily. The 31-year-old actress believes the acceptance for female-centric films from both the industry and audience can help the gap between male and female actors being successful at the box office.

“I feel hero has no gender and I am trying to prove that. We have for so many years fed our audience that hero is a gender-based term and they have also accepted that. “Now the change can not come overnight, it will be slow and steady. It requires a lot of perseverance from the side of all-female actors who are trying to bring the change,” Taapsee said.


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