Wednesday 22 September 2021
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Russian position on Afghanistan ‘very close’ to India’s: Envoy

On the question of recognition of Taliban, the Russian envoy said it was too early to ask whether Moscow would recognise their government

Ambassador of to India Nikolay Kudashev on 6 September said that Moscow’s position on Afghanistan was “very close” to that of New Delhi and both the countries want Afghan-owned and Afghan-built government.

“What is it the two of us need in Afghanistan is security, predictability, and inclusive government, which will satisfy the needs of the Afghan people. Afghan-owned and Afghan build government. That’s the basics of the Indian position, (which is) very close to us,” Kudashev said.

Ambassador Kudashev expressed concern about the possible resurrection of and said that it was best to prevent these threats. “Whether we are concerned with the promise of the resurrection of terrorism? Yes, we are, same as you do. What is that we could do? We could face this threat and make our best to prevent the situation in and around Afghanistan,” he said.

On the question of recognition of Taliban, the Russian said, “Recognition (of government in Afghanistan) is too early to say. Is any govt or any governing structure officially available in Kabul now? Not yet. It is admitted by Afghans themselves. After decades of war, it hasn’t come as a surprise to us.”

Over the ongoing situation in the country, the said that Afghanistan and people in the country needed time for introspection. “Give them some time and a ray of hope. It’s early to say if there is complete understanding. Let us bring them on board and talk to them and bring our ideas closer to them… I’m optimistic about it,” he said.

On 6 September, the Taliban said that the war in Afghanistan was over and that they would make an announcement about the formation of the new government in the next few days.

Earlier today, the Taliban had announced that Panjshir had become the last Afghan province to fall. However, resistance forces immediately rejected the claim, saying that their leader Ahmad Massoud would soon issue a statement.

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