Thursday 21 October 2021
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RtI activist burnt dead in care fire


A Right to Information (RtI) activist was found dead in a burnt car near Eldeco Crossing here, police said today. According to the police his car was giving him trouble for the past three days and on Thursday, he removed the kit out of the car.

Chandra Mohan Sharma’s charred body was found inside his car last night after some passers-by informed the police that the had caught fire. It is not yet known how the car caught fire.

Sharma had been filing RtIs against encroachments on government land. He had complained to the police in the past, claiming threat to his life. “He had been getting threats. He had also filed an FIR. We are fighting a case regarding the temple in Kasna and this seems to have happened because of that,” his wife Savita Chandra said. “This has happened because of the RtI that he had filed,” the victim’s brother Viresh Kumar said.

But the police say they haven’t found any evidence of foul play so far. The vehicle is being sent for forensic examination.

Sharma was an employee at Honda car company and he was returning home last night after duty, one of his relatives said.

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