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RSS on Sabarimala: Need to protect traditions and beliefs of Hindu society

RSS: Communists and atheists have hurt the sentiments of the devotees by entering the temple from the back door



Gwalior: The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) or all-India house of representatives of the RSS has proposed a three-day annual meeting to deliberate on the issue of a dispute over the entry of women in Sabarimala temple of Kerala.

A resolution was passed by the RSS on Sunday to the effect that the traditions and beliefs of Hindu society need protection. The ABPS is the largest decision-making body of the RSS.

RSS sarkaryawah Bhaiyyaji Joshi told the media, “Two proposals have been passed in the meeting of the ABPS of the RSS. First, the Sangh will work to keep the organisation named after the family intact in the country. Second, the traditions and beliefs of Hindu society need protection.”

The first proposal was passed on Saturday while the second proposal was adopted on Sunday.

Joshi cited the example of Sabarimala temple in Kerala and said that those who are not Hindus and Indians are raising such issues, which are constantly insulting Hindus who are associated with their faith and traditions.

Describing this as a conspiracy, Joshi said that the Sangh believes that, on such subjects, society runs on faith and traditions as much as on the Constitution. When such issues arise, experts of this subject must guide society as do the court.

The press release of RSS says a resolution was passed in the ABPS regarding the Sabarimala temple issue. “Some non-Hindu forces are hatching a conspiracy to hurt and disrespect Hindu beliefs and traditions.

Sabarimala is the latest example of this conspiracy. In the Sabarimala issue, the CPI(M) has opened a front of another moribund war against Hinduism and Hindu society for political gains.

The activities of the Marxist government of Kerala have mentally tortured the Ayyappa devotees. Atheist and extreme left-wing women activists have hurt the sentiments of the devotees by entering the temple from the back door,” reads the release when translated.


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