Tuesday 17 May 2022
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RSS leader’s murder: CPM local secretary questioned

Thiruvananthapuram — TheSpecial Investigation Team (SIT) of the Kerala Police probing the gruesome murder of RSS district leader Elanthottil Manoj has questioned (M) local committee secretary Suresh Babu. He was interrogated for 2 hours by the police team comprising deputy superintendents of police KV Santhoshkumar and Josey Cherian.

Sources told this correspondent that the local committee secretary has feigned ignorance on the murder of Manoj and said that the party was in no way connected to the murder. Suresh Babu turned violent towards the media and shouted at the reporters, and the (M) cadres prevented the media from taking visuals of their leader coming out of the camp station of the SIT after the interrogation.

The police team also questioned the (M) branch secretaries of areas in an around the spot where Manoj was killed.

Meanwhile, the 3-day (M) Politburo meeting, which is underway in Delhi, is likely to discuss the murder of Manoj after national media took interest in this murder. The CPI(M), beleaguered by the recent general election results, has lost face after the news of killings perpetrated by its henchmen.

The (M) national leadership, which pretends to be nonchalant in the face of accusations, has to brave the real face of the party that the national media showed to people across the country after the murder of Manoj.

national general secretary Ram Madhav is scheduled to address a mammoth  protest gathering in Thalassery adjoining Kizhakke Kadirur on 12 September. BJP state president V Muraleedharan and RSS sambhag karyavahak (zone secretary) PP Suresh Babu are participating in the programme, too.

It may be recalled that RSS sambhag karyavahak Suresh Babu had miraculously escaped an attempt on his life by (M) goons on 19 November 1999. The case is still in a court. While Suresh Babu escaped unhurt, BJP wing state vice president KT Jayakrishnan was hacked to death in a Mokeri East Upper Primary classroom where he was teaching children. The incident happened on 1 December 1999. The (M) has claimed in public functions that it was a retaliation to an attack on Jayarajan in August 1999. The same CPI(M) is now claiming that Manoj was killed as an aftermath of the attack on Jayarajan!

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Arun Lakshman
Arun Lakshman
Senior journalist based in Thiruvananthapuram

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