Friday 27 January 2023
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CrimeRoof of Dubey's neighbour yields crude bombs, aides' photos

Roof of Dubey’s neighbour yields crude bombs, aides’ photos

The recoveries from the roof of this house suggest Vikas Dubey and his gang were using quite a few buildings in the area together as their den

Amid the lookout for Vikas Dubey, the police have found crude bombs from the roof of the house opposite the dreaded gangster’s. The cops believe this was among a stockpile of crude weapons meant to attack the police in the event of a raid.

Uttar Pradesh Police has released a list with pictures of 15 criminals, believed to be accomplices of Dubey in various acts of crime. They have been described as “most wanted” or “associate” of Vikas Dubey. Police have made public their phone numbers too. The police found these photos from the roof of the same house belonging to a neighbour of Dubey.

Roof of Dubey's neighbour yields crude bombs, aides' photos [interior image 1]
Pictures of the 15 criminals recovered from the roof of the house opposite Vikas Dubey’s

Roof of the iceberg

The recovery of this cache from the roof of the house of Dubey’s neighbour suggested, a source said, that the gangster was using quite a few buildings in the area as a hub of his criminal activities. A team of cops is, therefore, carrying out search operations in the entire neighbourhood.

कानपुर : विकास दुबे की घर के सामने वाली छत से मिले बम, उसके गुर्गों या मोस्ट वांटेड क्रिमिनलों की ये हैं 15 तस्वीरें
Crude bombs recovered from the roof of the house opposite Vikas Dubey’s

From the house of Vikas Dubey, the police have got an entry-less ration card, documents of cases against Dubey, a microphone of a wireless set, a RAM of a CCTV camera, cartridges, nails, as well as identity documents of a man and a woman who served in the household as domestic help. One of the IDs belongs to Dubey’s aide Daya Shankar and the other of the maid Rekha.

Police are searching the entire expanse of Uttar Pradesh for Vikas Dubey who has been absconding after killing eight policemen in a of District Kanpur Dehat. Although it has been several days since the incident, the cops are still clueless about the whereabouts of the gangster.

waylaid by social media

A section of the had reported yesterday that a CO killed in the action on the ill-fated day had written to the higher authorities that he suspected the station in-charge, Vinay Tiwari, to be in cahoots with Vikas Dubey. Moved by the reports, the authority entrusted Laxmi Singh, IG Range Lucknow, with the task of investigating the letter of CO, the late Devendra Mishra. Prior to this, JN Singh, the ADG of Kanpur zone, was probing the matter. Laxmi Singh has questioned the staff in the CO office of Bilhaur behind closed doors.

It has turned out that the police have no record of the letter from the killed deputy superintendent of police. The alleged letter of the DSP had gone viral on social on 6 July.

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