Wednesday 29 September 2021
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Role ISI played in Taliban takeover of Afghanistan explained

Republican Congressman Steve Chabot said, '… in contrast, we all know that Pakistan and particularly its intelligence services played a key role fostering the Taliban and allowing them to eventually take over'

Pakistan and its spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) have played a key role in fostering the Taliban and allowing it to eventually take over Afghanistan, a top lawmaker has alleged. He said it was disgusting to watch Islamabad celebrate the group’s victory that will bring “untold brutality” to Afghans.

Congressman Steve Chabot, Co-Chair of the India Caucus, said in his address to the virtual gala of Hindu Political Action Committee on 22 August that he lauded the role of the Indian government in the evacuation and rescue of Afghan religious minorities who had a good reason to fear persecution at the hands of the and their evil rule.

“In contrast, we all know that Pakistan and particularly its intelligence services played a key role fostering the and allowing them to eventually take over. It’s just disgusting to watch Pakistani officials celebrate the victory of this group that will bring untold brutality to the Afghan people,” Chabot said.

Pakistan’s own persecution of religious minorities, however, gets a lot less attention here in America than it deserves. We would do well to educate our fellow citizens about these abuses. 

Persecution particularly manifests in the heinous practice of kidnapping, force conversion to Islam and forced marriage of underage Hindu girls to older Muslim men. Such allegations are not mere hearsay, he said.

Major news organisations and human rights groups have documented the practice with so many heartbreaking stories of girls in their early teens taken from their families, and into forced marriages. These abuses are often just ignored, said the Congressman.

In his address, Chabot said that with roughly 6 million Hindus in America, Hindus are unquestionably an integral part of society throughout the United States.

“Through strong work ethic and high educational attainment, Hindus exemplify the dream. These virtues also allow Hindus to take on key roles in communities across the country, and also give back to those communities in so many ways,” he said.

That is why the reports of a rise in discrimination against Hindu Americans around the are so concerning, he rued, adding that there is no place in America for such discrimination. “We must all seek ways to bring it to an end,” Chabot said.

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