Wednesday 8 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaRohit Vemula's mother accepts Rs 8 lakh compensation

Rohit Vemula’s mother accepts Rs 8 lakh compensation

Hyderabad: Research scholar Rohith Vemula’s mother has accepted compensation of Rs 8 lakh offered by the University of Hyderabad for her son’s suicide two years ago and said it is in “no way a compromise” with the management.

Radhika Vemula said in a statement issued yesterday that she decided to accept the compensation for the death of her on the advice of her lawyer and supporters.

The mother, who had refused to accept the compensation when it was first offered to her, said she was under the “wrong impression” that the money was being offered at the behest of university authorities, including Vice-Chancellor P Apparao.

“Upon the advice of all the forefront legal and social supporters, I have learned that this money is being paid not at the behest of VC Apparao, but as per the orders of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes,” she said.

She added that she wanted to do everything transparently.

“I did not want rumours flying around that Radhika Vemula has made a secret deal with the University and accepted money. I want to state in no unclear terms that the acceptance of this compensation, which is rightfully due to the and dependents of Rohith Vemula, is in no way a compromise with the University management,” she added.

Rohith, a PhD scholar at the university, hanged himself in a hostel room on the campus on 17 January 2016 as he was allegedly upset over the disciplinary action was taken against him by the UoH.

The suicide triggered a huge political storm with opposition parties launching a massive attack on the Centre over the issue.

His death had led to national headlines over the action against him that was alleged to have been prompted by complaints by BJP leaders.

A group of university students, some political parties and social organisations had alleged that the vice-chancellor, among others, were responsible for the suicide.

Based on a complaint by a section of students, the Cyberabad Police had registered a case against Apparao and four others.


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