Wednesday 7 December 2022
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CrimeMohd Riyaz's love jihad: To marry the girl or make her a...

Mohd Riyaz’s love jihad: To marry the girl or make her a sex slave?

The victim and Riyaz had begun courtship at college; the man would force her to have sex and make videos of the act; he told the victim there was only one way to escape the shame: convert and marry him; after the woman agreed, he began preparations to pack her off to Syria, the victim alleges

In an apparent case of love jihad last Saturday, the National Investigating Agency (NIA) arrested 27-year old Mohammed Riyaz of Kannur, accused by his wife to have converted her by force to despatch her to the as a sex slave. The wife has accused that selling her off to terrorists was the motive with which Md Riyaz had married her.

Riyaz had come back to from Jeddah a few days ago. He was apprehended at a time when he was preparing documents for his wife’s visa to Saudi Arabia, sources said.

Given the national security implications of the issue, the victim had approached the Supreme Court for an urgent intervention. The apex court ordered the NIA’s intervention.

The NIA sent the Kerala a ‘look out’ notice. The police were waiting at the airport for Riyaz’s arrival. They apprehended him and brought him to Kochi.

Riyaz is a part of a gang of 11 men, alleges his wife. She suspects her ‘gullible’ mother has been made a part of the gang. On her complaint, the have added the name of the victim’s mother as a co-accused.

Riyaz denies the charges against him and claims he is ready for any investigation. He has submitted an affidavit to that effect at the High Court.

The victim and Riyaz had come to know each other during their years in 2014. The victim presumed the man loved her and fell for her. Subsequently, Riyaz would force her to have sex and videograph the act.

Riyaz allegedly told the victim there was only one way to escape the shame: The girl would have to convert and marry him.

The victim grudgingly agreed. After the marriage, Riyaz started preparing documents to take his wife to Jeddah, from where she would be packed off to Syria, the victim alleges.

Riyaz says the entire story against him has been made up by his father-in-law who was against the marriage. After the marriage, the accused says, his wife’s father began accusing him of extra-marital relations with a relative.

Riyaz claims further that in 2017, his wife went to Jamnagar, Gujarat, and never returned from there.

A team of the NIA is now in to verify the claims made by Riyaz.

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