Thursday 20 January 2022
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Rishi Kapoor urges govt should open liquor stores in evenings during lockdown

Incidentally, Rishi Kapoor had slammed trolls, who had asked him if he has stocked up liquor for the lockdown

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor on Saturday said the state and central governments should let licensed liquor shops operate in the evening during the 21-day lockdown period.

In a Twitter post, the actor said liquor is a major source of for the government and is already being sold illegally everywhere in the country.

“Think. Government should for sometime in the evening open all licensed liquor stores. Don’t get me wrong. Man will be at home only what with all this depression, uncertainty around. Cops, doctors, civilians etc… need some release. Black mein to sell ho hi raha hai,” Kapoor wrote.

“State governments desperately need the money from the excise. Frustration should not add up with depression. As it is everyone is drinking so legalise it no hypocrisy. My thoughts,” actor said in another post.

Filmmaker Kunal Kohli agreed with Kapoor and said, “Or open in the mornings. 9am-2pm. The is imp for the states & employees.”

However, Rishi Kapoor’s comment didn’t go down well with social media users.

“What about those families, Sir, where ladies face abuse by husbands under the influence of liquor? And, that’s at the best of times. Do you think that it’s a safe option during a lockdown?,” a user wrote.

Another user said, “Think beyond it Rishi ji. People don’t have and are not getting even basic food to survive. Watch the TV to know the ground reality and to come out of your cocoon. What an immature suggestion. Absurd.”

“Rich people think in a different trajectory altogether,” a Twitter user said.

The is witnessing a 21-day lockdown, as announced by PM Narendra Modi, to contain the spread of the virus, which has claimed the lives of over 27,000 people globally.

Incidentally, Rishi Kapoor had slammed trolls, who had asked him if he has stocked up liquor for the lockdown.

“Anyone cracking jokes about my or my lifestyle, will be deleted. Be aware and warned. This is a serious matter. Help us to tide over the situation,” Kapoor had tweeted.

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