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Rioters in Delhi had used 8 primary weapons

And since these eight tools of rioting are not readily available, it is evident that the rioters were organised and the violence pre-planned

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the Delhi rioters used various weapons in the period Sunday-Tuesday in the bloody week that is about to end, which has consumed 42 lives. Among these, eight weapons were most frequently used.

Delhi Police has issued an appeal to journalists and others present in any of the spots of riots to confidentially pass on the information to its investigators.

Rioters in Delhi had used 8 primary weapons

A big catapult was their primary weapon. It was mostly a portable slingshot while very large ones were installed on rooftops. One such catapult was seen on the roof of suspended AAP councillor Tahir Hussain who is accused to murdering, rioting and arson.

Until now, the number of people killed in violence has been 39 and more than 200 people are injured. The death toll is steadily increasing. IB security assistant Ankit Sharma’s body was not the only one; several corpses are being recovered from different drains, burnt houses and cars.

1. Large mobile slingshot

The slingshot found in Delhi’s Shiv Vihar area was made by welding an iron angle on a rickshaw. Just as minor ballasts are fired from a small slingshot, petrol bomb bottles, big stones or other things were thrown using this big catapult.

Small-to-medium sized projectiles were fired using these rickshaw-mounted slingshots. These were mobile slingshots that the rioters carried to different troubled spots of north-east Delhi.

2. Small slingshot for accurate aiming

For accurate aiming, the rioters used smaller slingshots. They dealt fatal blows to the victims in short ranges.

It is clear the rioters had come with complete preparation.

3. Petrol Bomb

The things recovered from the roof of Tahir Hussain’s house include petrol bombs made by filling petrol in cold drink bottles.

There were sacks filled with acid bottles on the roof too, but they had not been used in the riots.

4. Acid Pouches

The rioters of Delhi violence also used acid as a weapon. There was ample stock of acid pouches on the roof of Tahir Hussain‘s building.

5. Pistols and guns

Everyone saw Shahrukh waving pistols during the Delhi violence. He actually fired eight rounds at the police and at a crowd.

In fact, firearms were used so extensively in these riots that Delhi Police is now probing how the guns reached so many households without licences. Head constable Ratan Lal died of a bullet injury.

6. Bricks and stones

These have been the most widely used weapons since the December 2019 riots against the CAA. But unlike Kashmir, Delhi is not a rocky place. The extensive stone-pelting during the December and February riots was part of a plan.

The rioters had brought bricks and stones with them in sacks from under-construction sites.

7. Rod and poles

Victims of the violence have said that the rioters also wielded iron rods. While many who bore with blows of lathis and canes, some at the receiving end of blows with iron rods could not survive the attack.

8. Knives and sharp weapons

The rioters carried knives and other sharp weapons in their hands. Many murders have been carried out ruthlessly.

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