Thursday 28 October 2021
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Rioters in Karawal Nagar molested 6th-8th grade school girls

The marauders snatched the books from the girls and shredded them; when the girls protested, the goons slapped and abused them and tore their clothes


It was always know how barbaric the rioters were. On Tuesday, those in Karawal Nagar, a violence-hit area in north-east Delhi, had committed an unpardonably gross behaviour. They did not spare even the girls returning home from coaching classes.

The rioters tore the clothes of these girls and also made obscene gestures. Sushma (name changed), the mother of an aggrieved girl, told that about eight or nine girls from the neighbourhood were coming home from a coaching centre, which is about 500-600 m from the house. Hundreds of rioters stopped them on the way.

The victim’s mother said that innocent girls studying in Classes VI to VIII were torn to pieces and physically molested. The girls pleaded with the rioters but the monsters couldn’t care less.

The mother of another victim said that her daughter was in a state of shock since the incident. There are nail marks all over her body, the mother said, breaking down. The victim refuses to leave home since her horrific ordeal. She says if she does, rioters may attack her again. The victim’s mother says the family had never had any enmity with any particular community.

The mothers of other victims narrated that the rioters snatched the books from the girls and shredded them. When a few of the girls protested, the rioters slapped and abused them.

Another victim’s mother says her daughter reached home crying and narrated the incident.

Due to the terror of the rioters, no family has visited the scene of the crime.

When asked why they did not report the matter to the police, the mothers said they were still in shock. “We go to complain after some days,” one of the mothers said.

Several schools were damaged during the violence by miscreants. About 2,000 students study at the Victoria School in Brijpuri of north-east Delhi. The rioters set the buses of this and other schools on fire.

All schools in north-east Delhi closed for students till March 7, teachers will come to school

In view of the worsening situation due to the riots and the fear in the minds of the children, the Delhi government issued a circular to keep all government and private schools in north-east Delhi closed till 7 March. There will be no home examinations during this time either. The order states that teachers and school heads will come to school on normal days. The next date of home examinations will be announced soon. Additional Director of Education, Delhi Education Directorate, Dr Saroj Sen issued this circular.

It is feared that, even when the exams are held, the rioters’ barbaric acts would have left too deep an imprint in the students’ minds for them to fare as they would have under normal circumstances. School heads have been asked to inform the students and their families about the closure of the school through SMSes or calls.

Home examinations in the rest of Delhi will continue as per their pre-schedule. The CBSE has made it clear that from 2 March, all the centres across the country and north-east Delhi will have examinations according to the pre-determined schedule.

A CBSE spokesperson said that an affidavit had been filed in the Delhi High Court requesting that the examinations be held on time. Responding to it, the high court has directed Delhi Police and the Delhi government to provide in the protection and examination of students in these areas.

In a related development, the JNU administration has instructed the students not to invite the victims of Delhi violence to come and stay on campus. Vice-Chancellor Professor M Jagadesh Kumar said the university wanted peace and harmony in Delhi and that the affected would need help, but the students who had invited the people affected to the campus were the same pupils who had claimed in January that some outsiders had carried out the violence on campus.

The vice-chancellor said that the university was all for humanitarianism, but for that, money and material can be collected inside the campus and sent for the aid for riot victims.

Meanwhile, the postmortem of 35 out of 42 dead victims of the riots has been completed. Three of the dead could not be identified. The GTB Hospital conducted 32 of the autopsies. The Loknayak Hospital did two and the Jagapravesh Hospital conducted one postmortem. There are 7 mortems pending, out of which GTB will take care of six.

The GTB Hospital administration concluded the postmortems above on Sunday. It had examined 11 of the dead bodies on Saturday.

A total of 38 people died in the hospital. Medical Superintendent of GTB Hospital Dr Sunil Kumar said that the postmortems were happening fast. “Now only six dead bodies remain to be studied,” he said. Three are yet to be identified, he informed the press.

The expressed hope that these three corpses would be identified by another day. All the postmortems may finish late tonight, he said.

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