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Rihanna shares topless photo wearing a Ganesha pendant

This comes days after Rihanna faced severe backlash from Indians after she tweeted in support of the ongoing farmers' agitation on the outskirts of the national capital Delhi


International pop star Rihanna on 16 February triggered yet another controversy sharing a topless photo of her. In a photo that she shared on Twitter, the was seen wearing pink shorts and a diamond-studded Ganesha necklace.

The actress and was posing in pink night shorts from her lingerie line and accessorised her look with statement diamond bracelets, neckpieces and huge drop earrings.

The picture was criticised by many for disrespecting Hindu religion. BJP MLA Rama Kadam slammed the pop icon for shamefully mocking Hindu God Lord Ganesha.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was quick to slam Rihanna. It criticised the Indian National Congress (INC) for supporting her over the tweet backing the ongoing farmers’ protest in India.

“What could be the motive behind Rihanna sharing such a photo? It is evident that she is working as per a conspiracy. Will the INC still support her?” BJP leader Ram Kadam said. 

Describing Rihanna’s photo as ‘insulting’ to Indian God and Goddesses, he also blasted the Shiv Sena for turning a blind eye towards it.

“The Shiv Sena once used to protest even over smallest of things and now it is silent despite such moves to insult Hindu God and Goddesses. It is pretty evident that Shiv Sena worries only about power now,” Ram Kadam said.

This comes days after Rihanna faced severe backlash from Indians after she tweeted in support of the ongoing farmers‘ agitation on the outskirts of the national capital Delhi.

Notably, this is not the first time Rihanna has been in controversy over her disrespect to a particular religion. Back in 2013, Rihanna did a photoshoot at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre in Abu Dhabi. However, she was asked to leave after she clicked a few ‘inappropriate photos’. A statement issued by the Grand Mosque Centre read as “She was confronted by the mosque officials and directed to the appropriate entrance to the mosque, to carry out a visit under the normal conditions.”

She landed another controversy during the of her brand Savage X Fenty lingerie show, the event had song ‘Doom’ being played which has a Muslim text called Hadith in it. This did not go well with people and they called her out immediately. 

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