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Rhea Chakraborty’s bank account defreezed, gadgets returned

Rhea Chakraborty is getting back her confiscated MacBook Pro Apple Laptop and Apple Iphone too, which the prosecution has no objection to

A special court under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance (NDPS) Act has ordered defreezing Rhea Chakraborty’s bank accounts. The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) had frozen the bank accounts last year after she was booked in the drugs case following actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death in June.

In her plea for defreezing her bank accounts, Rhea Chakraborty had said that she was “an actor/model by profession” and that the “NCB freezed the bank accounts and FDs by Notice dated 16/09/2020 without reason, and it is causing grave injustice and prejudice to her”.

The application stated that the operation of bank account was required for making the payment of salaries of her employees and for fulfilling various tax liabilities including payments, etc. The actress said that she supported her own lifestyle from the amount in the bank accounts and that her brother was dependent on her. She said that her bank accounts hadbeen frozen for 10 months, and it had inconvenienced her, so, they should be defreezed.

Special Public Prosecutor Atul Sarpande, representing the NCB, opposed the application while stating that a financial in the case was going on, and it was not complete yet. Serpande contested that if the accounts were to be defreezed, it would hamper the investigation.

The prosecution contended further that if the bank accounts were defreezed, there was a high possibility of involving the said amount in mafia and drug related business. Hence, he urged for the rejection of the application. However, the investigating officer in the case said that it would be best to leave the issue to the discretion of the court.

Special judge DB Mane said, “From the reply of the investigating officer, it appears that there is no strong objection from the NCB side for defreezing the bank accounts and FDs of Chakraborty.” The judge said further, “In such circumstances, Chakraborty is entitled for defreezing the bank accounts and FDs subject to conditions and undertaking supported by an affidavit stating that during the pendency and conclusion of the trial of the case, she shall make the balance amount, as shown in the concerned account as on 16/09/2020, available for passing necessary orders, as and when required.”

In another plea, Rhea Chakraborty demanded her gadgets, a MacBook Pro Apple Laptop and Apple Iphone, back. Sarpande said that the articles were seized and sent to a laboratory and they had received them from the laboratory.

The prosecution said that the investigating officer had already informed the actress she could collect her property. The court ordered that the gadgets be returned to Rhea on a supurdnama (statement of receipt) after due verification and identification, and executing indemnity bond for Rs 1,00,000.


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