Sunday 27 November 2022
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PoliticsIndiaReward for cleanliness, penalty for littering

Reward for cleanliness, penalty for littering

to be institutionalised; expect incentives for it and penalties for littering soon.

New Delhi — Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that Mission Swachchha Bharat should become an agenda of the entire country in the form of a mass movement to be launched on 2 October with the aim of creating a clean India by 2019. The Prime Minister was chairing a high-level meeting to review preparations for the launch of Mission Swachchha Bharat.

The prime minister said the activities on 2 October should not be limited to the his functions in the national capital. Activities related to should be undertaken in each and every across the country, Modi said, highlighting the need for working together with State governments to make the mission a success. “Gandhiji should be our inspiration for Swachchha Bharat,” he added.

The prime minister highlighted the need for creating a legal architecture that would institutionalise Mission Swachchha Bharat up to the level. He asked the Ministry of Rural Development to explore the possibility of incentivising best performing villages. He also called for standards of to be established for government offices. On asking a high-ranking official who attended the meet, he said some penalties will be imposed for failing to keep certain places clean as well after adequate facilities have been provided to ensure cleanliness.

The prime minister underlined the importance of creating specific roles for various public representatives, including MPs, MLAs, sarpanches etc.

Various Union ministries, including the Ministries of Urban Development, Rural Development, Human Resource Development and Information & Broadcasting, presented their concepts on the mission. Towns along the bank of the Ganga and its tributaries and distributaries will be accorded top priority in Mission Swachchha Bharat.

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