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Retired adviser of ex-PM Manmohan Singh, stuck in flat, cries all night

Lal had got hurt after suffering a fall in the room. He said he had retired from Union government service as an economic adviser in 1991.

New Delhi: Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh‘s junior economic adviser Amrit Lal (87) was, in a manner, imprisoned in a flat last night. Reportedly, he kept crying all night long.

After hearing the voice of the retired officer who lives alone in a housing board complex, a neighbour called the state legal services authority. The rescue team reached the spot and took him out and admitted him to the Manimajra Civil Hospital.

Singh a year senior to his junior adviser

Lal was discharged after the necessary treatment. During the service, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was senior to him by a mere one year.

Law officer Rajeshwar of the state legal services authority said that, on Wednesday morning, a person called him and said that an elderly person living in his neighbourhood was heard crying all night. The doors are not open, the officer was told.

After this, a team of the local police reached the spot accompanied by a team of doctors, and social welfare counsellors. Finally, a neighbouring couple struggled to enter the house on the way from the top of the house and somehow found the keys and opened the door from inside.

It was found during the inquiry that Lal had retired as the economic adviser from the Union government. He got hurt after suffering a fall in the room.

Lal told the law officer, struggling to jog his memory, that he had retired from the Union government as an economic adviser in the year 1991. Former Prime Minister Singh was senior to him by one year. His eldest son lived in the country until about three years ago but has not cared to inquire about him ever since.

The investigation team found that Lal’s mental status was not okay. He was not able to say anything right. The rescue team brought him to the hospital for treatment, where he was given necessary medicines.

Fending for himself in old age

The law officer said that Lal’s eldest son lived abroad. The younger one lived with him until recently. Due to some inconvenience, he stayed in Panchkula with his family. For this reason, Lal became alone at home. There is a maid to cook food for him.

For the past 20 years, the maid has been working in this flat. Due to family disputes, Lal had been deserted — to live all alone in the house. However, upon receiving the information, the younger son reached the spot. He told the authority that he visited his father every day and knew about his movements. If the condition of the father is not okay on a given day, he stays there overnight.

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