Saturday 4 December 2021
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Reserved In Hell The India Of Tomorrow

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In a show of rare consensus, the people’s representatives in the parliament, most uproariously the Lok Sabha MPs, passed the Constitution (127th Amendment) Bill while insisting this was still not enough even as the Narendra Modi government tried to overturn a Supreme Court verdict of May that had said that the union government alone could identify OBC groups to benefit from reservations. While the highest court of the country might have gone against the recommendations of the BP Mandal Commission’s recommendations in its own wisdom, all political parties dared to challenge it, saying that states must have the right to pick beneficiaries. Demonstrating that electoral expediency triumphs over sanity, they cheered and yelled with equal delirium, with the INC threatening even the private sector. They will never learn from the failures of the prescriptions of BR Ambedkar or even BP Mandal who found that castes other than those under the varna referred to in the scriptures as “Shudra” were underprivileged too. Ironically, the intended beneficiaries of reservations fail to come to terms with the fact that an employment crisis would mean that not all of them would end up with jobs even if 100% of the seats were to be reserved. The government says that in 2012, 79 ministries collectively employed 3 million people, which by 2020 had shrunk to 1.8 million. Perhaps Sonia Gandhi’s party believes that affecting the independence of private companies would push up the absolute number of jobs held by every category and, hence, the INC added to the list of demands. But even as the country’s youth proliferated by about 72 million between 2004-05 and 2018-19, their numbers declined by about 25 million to an aggregate of 138 million in active work. The young deserted the crop fields their previous generations had cultivated to diversify but found the industry was not ready to absorb them all. Bereft of ingenuity to address this inadequacy, the pied pipers are leading the people to an abyss.

The pandora’s box that Mandal opened decades ago, translating to the number of OBC categories leaping by thousands since the 1990s, has taken a toll on none lesser than the prime minister whose ancestors were part of the business in Rajasthan. In a revision of the casteless politics he practised in Gujarat as its chief minister, he never misses an opportunity since he became the head political executive to remind the people he is “backward”. And with his government reversing Supreme Court judgments twice — once after the apex court introduced a check-and-balance mechanism in the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act and now — the BJP has lost the moral right to remind the INC again and again of the overturning of the Shah Bano verdict. Inspired by such ‘tall’ leaders, Jats of Rajasthan and Haryana, Patels of Gujarat and Marathas of Maharashtra want education and employment seats to be reserved for them even as, in a stroke of sheer irony, they would protest vehemently in society if others in the state were to refer to them as lower castes. This very mendicancy with a sense of entitlement was witnessed in the rich farmers’ agitation in the period November 2020-January 2021, with the demonstrators from Punjab arriving in luxury cars just like OBC quota seekers to press their demands. Will it be alarmist to foresee a day when those wanting their futures reserved would seek some backing by terrorists the way these farmers shamelessly roped in Khalistanis?

Even the left does not appreciate now that the caste politics here will ultimately hit individual rights. A person will be lost in a large group he or she has been slotted in. On the other hand, the asinine right does not wish to understand that caste is the singular impediment to Hindu unity in domestic affairs. Frustrated by the grim scenario, meritorious Indians are fleeing to the US and Europe where they will not be left in the lurch by reserved opportunities, willing to take chances amid the decline in liberties of all in the West, thanks to the arbitrary seeking of freedom by the woke. Besides, the Covid-19-hit West does not have an unlimited capacity to welcome immigrants. When eventually people run out of options, the despondency will lead to an unmitigable rise in the of crime perpetrated by the educated-unemployed gentry. Our future is reserved in hell.

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