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Tuesday 21 January 2020

Renegades In Our Midst

[stextbox id=”info”]The militant sentiment in some Indians that Pakistan takes advantage of is more dangerous than the western neighbour’s military action along the borders[/stextbox]

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]akistan’s act of shelling Indian territory yesterday, which killed 8 civilians who live near the international border, was expected since the day India avenged the terrorist attack in Uri by way of surgical strikes across the LoC. The wee hours of 29 September arrived barely 2 months before Pakistan’s 15th Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, celebrated in his country for whatever reasons, was supposed to retire. It left a spot in his otherwise ‘clean’ service record, notwithstanding Pakistan’s denial that two Indian units managed to kill several terrorists they hosted, pulverised the training camps and returned unscathed. As such, the democratically elected government in Pakistan has always been the third force in command in that country, superintended by the Army and supervised by the Islamist seminaries. A drubbing in the hands of India makes its political executive weaker — much as its military should be ashamed of its dubious record of continuous defeats in wars with India — as the blame is pinned squarely on its Prime Minister’s ‘lack of spine’. But desperate measures such as shelling Indian locations fails to either divert the Pakistani people’s attention from the various inefficacies of its government or make the point of its army’s valour. They lose some lives in the bargain, as it happened once again yesterday when the BSF responded by destroying 14 Pakistani Ranger posts, which also killed 6 of their civilians.

The other Pakistani stratagem is predictable, too. Using the camouflaged services of its diplomats, the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi tries to activate both the infiltrators who managed to evade Indian vigil along the borders and their Indian supporters waiting for instructions. Apprehended Pakistani diplomat Mehmood Akhtar has sung, giving away the names of 16 spies in his ring, 4 of whom are staff of the High Commission. Predictably again, they have wreaked vengeance with the expulsion of some Indian diplomats in their country. The worrisome aspect for India is, however, not this cat-and-mouse game.

It is the finding that the personal assistant of Samajwadi Party’s Rajya Sabha MP Chaudhary Munawwar Saleem, Farhat Khan, was selling confidential parliamentary documents to the ISI. If a section of the polity is slammed for its anti-India rhetoric, the nationalists have perhaps underestimated the extent of the rot. Following intelligence reports in February that the ISI is even ensconced in university campuses like that of the JNU, the unravelling of such nefarious elements over the past week indicates that their motive isn’t merely vote-banking by provoking the insecurities of a community that perennially suffers from a persecution complex. They clearly want to break India to pieces, with their god willing so — as the repugnant slogan in the said varsity had thundered. Since the era of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan has known that a military victory over India is next to impossible; through its Mehmood Akhtars, it therefore buys our Farhat Khans to engineer Zia ul Haq’s “bleeding India through a thousand cuts”. While our jawans secure the borders, with little possibility of a conventional war, the Union and State governments must rise to the challenge of terrorism erupting in the country by upgrading and motivating their respective police forces, more so in the wake of reports from different States that some Muslim youths are getting inspired by the ideology of the Islamic State.

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