Thursday 26 May 2022
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Religious programmes without permission banned in UP

The Yogi Adityanath government will allow only such religious events that have prior approval of the administration and no new event will be given permission

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Alarmed by the recent Muslim attack on Hindus in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath chaired a law-and-order review meeting last night and issued a set of directions that include one that says that during the festivals of Eid and Akshay Tritiya, which fall on the same date in early May, no religious procession or marches will be allowed without proper permission. All organisers will be required to submit an affidavit promising to maintain peace and harmony before permission is given.

Over the weekend, Muslim residents of Jahangirpuri in Delhi attacked a procession of Hindus taken out on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. Nine people were injured and admitted to the for treatment.

The Uttar Pradesh administration will allow only such religious traditional festivities that have prior approval of the and civic bodies. No new event will be given permission, a tweet from his official account said.

The Uttar Pradesh government will not permit microphones at any new locations, and those already using loudspeakers can do it only after ensuring the volume does not disturb anyone.

Religious programmes can happen only at designated spots and road routes and traffic will not be blocked.

The state government had cancelled the leaves of all and administrative officials in the state till May 4 and asked all those on leave to report within 24 hours.

Chief Minister Yogi directed the officials from the station to the Additional Director General (ADG) level to hold dialogues with religious leaders and eminent personalities within the next 24 h to ensure peace during the upcoming festivals and said mikes can be used at religious places but no new permission of their installation should be given.

“The leave of all administrative/ officers, from SHO, CO and district police chiefs to the district magistrate, the divisional commissioner is cancelled till May 4 with immediate effect. Those who are currently on leave must return to the place of posting within the next 24 h. This arrangement should be ensured by the Chief Minister’s Office,” Yogi said.

“Additional forces should be deployed in sensitive areas and drones used for keeping an eye on the situation. Every evening, the police force must do foot patrolling and police response vehicles (PRVs) should remain active,” he said while holding a law and order review meeting with senior officials.

“There are many important religious festivals in the coming days. The month of Ramadan is going on. Eid festival and Akshaya Tritiya are likely to be on the same day. In such a situation, considering the current environment, the will have to be extra sensitive,” he said.

Stating that everyone has the freedom to follow his method of worship according to his religious ideology, the chief minister noted, “Although mikes can be used, make sure the sound does not come out of the premises. Other people should not have any problem.”

Yogi said that the safety of every single citizen in Uttar Pradesh is the primary responsibility of the government and the people.

“All of us have to be alert and careful about this responsibility of ours,” he said.

All necessary efforts should be made keeping in view the local needs so that every festival is held in peace and harmony, he said and called for stern action against those issuing mischievous statements.

“Those trying to vitiate the atmosphere should be dealt with strictly. There should be no place for such people in a civilised society,” he said.

Religious programmes and worship should be held at the designated place only and it should be ensured that no religious event takes place by disrupting traffic, he said. “If they (officials) have government accommodation, they should stay there or take one on rent, but they have to stay in their posting place at night. It should be strictly followed,” he said.

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