Friday 28 January 2022
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Relatives disown Vikas Dubey; some say, ‘Goli maar do!’

After his mother, Vikas's sister and her husband, and the gangster's nephew and niece have all said they have nothing to do with him

After growing pressure on all his relatives to come clean on the most wanted criminal and gangster Vikas Dubey of Uttar Pradesh, they have started disowning him. Chandrakanta, the elder sister of Vikas Dubey, said, “Vikas abused our family members and also threatened to kill us.” She said she had not met her gangster brother for the past six years.

Most vociferous among the relatives in condemning the criminal is the family of Vikas Dubey’s sister. Dinesh Tiwari, a brother-in-law of gangster Vikas Dubey, has been kept in custody at the Shivli police station since Friday night. Tiwari told reporters if it had been upon him to do justice, he would have shot Vikas Dubey himself rather than see his family embarrassed of their association with the gangster. He said, “We are paying the price for what he has done. If it were upon me, I would shoot him dead.”

Dubey’s brother-in-law said that the goon’s father Ram Kumar Dubey was mentally unwell, who had no idea he was helping his son into the world of crime.

The offender’s father had earlier told the police that Vikas was not in the village when the incident took place. Tiwari, however, said that he and his family had severed all ties with Vikas Dubey for the last five-six years. The criminal’s elder sister Chandrakanta had said earlier she hadn’t met with her brother for the same duration.

‘Do not disturb us,’ say relatives

The sister claimed Vikas had threatened her elder son and abused her husband a few years earlier, after which the family severed all ties with him. Her son Dhruv said that the police had taken Ram Kumar Dubey to his house after the incident.

Among the other relatives from the family, the nephew of Vikas Dubey said, “We cannot take care of them. The police should make some other arrangement for Vikas mama‘s father.”

Dhruva’s sister Anamika echoed the sentiment, saying, “We have no relationship with our mama (maternal uncle) and we urge you not to bother us with queries about him.”

Sarala Devi, the mother of Vikas Dubey, had already said if her son was responsible for killing policemen, “goli maar do (shoot him dead)”.

The old woman today objected to the demolition of her ancestral house in Bikaru village. She said, “The government should punish Vikas rather than his family and relatives. We should be left alone.”

Interestingly, the person on whose complaint the police went to arrest Vikas Dubey, Rahul Tiwari is a brother-in-law of the gangster.

Vikas Dubey and his gang laid a trap and killed eight policemen in an ambush last week in a village of District Kanpur Dehat.

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