Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Rekha is most stylish personality in Bollywood, says Sabyasachi

The designer believes fashion industry for many years has made billions feeding on people's insecurity

Mumbai:  designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee today said is the most stylish personality in Bollywood as she has a sense of self-identity which is “sadly lacking” in many people in the film industry.

Among all the top actors that he has style, the designer said nobody can beat the veteran actor, when it comes to making timeless choices.

“When I think of a stylish person in India it could be red lipstick or over the top make-up, glittery red sari. I think nobody can be more stylish than Rekhaji because she wears a similar saree for every function as she has a sense of self-identity which is sadly lacking in many people in the industry,” Sabyasachi said.

He believes if a person wants to make an impact with their dressing they need to bring individualism to their sense of style.

Sabyasachi was in conversation with Nonita Kalra at the India Today conclave on ‘Front Row: Reinventing the Classic’ along with designer Naeem Khan.

The designer believes industry for many years has made billions feeding on people’s insecurity.

“The more we keep the people insecure the more they buy clothing because they want to measure up to something that is unknown to them. The difference between and style is when you are blindly following fashion, you are in an insecure where you do not know who you are.

“When you are stylish you curate things because you are connected to yourself. A stylish person does not renounce fashion. A stylish person is someone who picks up what is relevant irrespective of whether it is in or not,” Sabyasachi said.


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