Thursday 28 January 2021
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Rebel MP MLAs refuse to talk to Digvijaya; Kamal Nath to try his luck

'We request Digvijaya Singh to return as we do not want to meet them,' a video message released of the rebel MLAs from Bengaluru says

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Politics India Rebel MP MLAs refuse to talk to Digvijaya; Kamal Nath to try...

Rebel MLAs from Madhya Pradesh have issued a video message from Bengaluru, refusing to meet former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh and other INC politicians. They said they were in Bengaluru on their own free will.

The INC claims that the rebel MLAs have issued this video message to Digvijaya Singh and other politicians of the party after Bengaluru Police detained them.

Sources in Madhya Pradesh Congress say Chief Minister Kamal Nath may go to Bengaluru now to meet the rebel MLAs. When reporters sought a clarification from the chief minister, he said he would go if needed.

Twenty-two INC MLAs have resigned from their assembly membership while the speaker has accepted the resignations of six of them.

Former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh reached Bengaluru along with other politicians to meet these MLAs.

The video message of the rebel MLAs says: “We have come to Bengaluru on our own free will. We have not done any work for the last year. We have come here on our own wish. We request Digvijaya Singh and other leaders to return as we do not want to meet them.”

Kamal Nath reacted to the development on Twitter and then told the media,

“Stopping Digvijaya Singh and Congress ministers from meeting the INC MLAs held hostage by the BJP in Bengaluru, misbehaving with them, detaining them by force is wholly an autocratic and Hitler-like act.”

“The whole country is now seeing how the BJP is killing democratic values to destabilise an elected government.”

“Why are we not allowed to meet the MLAs? What is the BJP afraid of, after all? The BJP is playing a dirty game in the state.”

“Democratic values, constitutional values and rights are being trampled upon. We demand the release of our MLAs who have been held hostage. We must be allowed to meet these MLAs.”

In a thread of two more tweets, the chief minister wrote:

“Neither does the BJP have the majority nor did the BJP legislative party choose Shivraj Singh Chouhan as their leader. Neither has a BJP government been formed nor will it ever be formed. However, the nation is witnessing the haste with which Chouhan wishes to be the chief minister.

“How he is getting restless for power, how he is unable to sleep, how he is daydreaming about chief minister’s post, how he is threatening officials… I pity his condition.”

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