Thursday 21 October 2021
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Raveena launches campaign to stop attacks on medical fraternity

Raveena has come forward to support all the paramedics by spreading positivity and to curb the spread of fake and false news with her campaign


Actress has come up with a social media campaign #JeetegaIndiaJeetengeHum to stop the spread of rumours amid the COVID-19 crisis, and also urge people not to attack the frontline workers.

Several healthcare workers in India have been attacked as they battle to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. So, Raveena has made a special video in which she is seen appealing people to understand the severe health crisis and also appreciate the crucial role of doctors amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

On the other hand, several cases of violence against medical professionals across the country have been reported too. Therefore, has come forward to support all the paramedics by spreading positivity and to curb the spread of fake and false news with her campaign titled ‘Jeetega India Jeetenge Hum.’

As one of the most important parts of her ‘Jeetega India Jeetenge Hum’ campaign, aims to bring everyone’s attention to the bravery of the healthcare providers, who have been tirelessly working throughout the day for the betterment of society and to help the country fight COVID-19.

In the latest video shared by the Dulhe Raja actor, she urged everyone to stop the hatred and violence against the medical fraternity and rather applaud them for saving everyone’s lives by putting theirs in danger.

She said, “We have been watching on TV the attacks on the angels of mercy, as I would call the medical professionals, who are at the moment at the forefront in this war against Covid-19. Doctors and nurses are out there, our soldiers who are battling selflessly without caring for their lives. And then to see some ungrateful people attack them, spit on them, heave unruly, and throw stones and bricks at them… to see our doctors bleeding and going through this, and yet still fearlessly stepping out every day, disheartens me.”

She says what is even more saddening is that it’s “countrymen who are doing it to other countrymen.” The campaign is live on the 45-year-’s Instagram handle.

Friends, As we come together to fight the challenges posed by the Coronavirus Pandemic,I would like you to think of all those doctors, nurses and health-workers, quietly working with diligence and dignity,away from their homes and families,so that our present and future remains secure.

Lately we have all heard unfortunate reports of our healthcare workers being harassed and attacked.This is a tragic happening we must all confront together. Please do not fall prey to fake news and false rumours, which may fuel violence against our medical community.

The least we can do is to protect those who are doing everything to keep us safe and the one thing we owe them is a debt of gratitude.Thank you and stay safe!

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Siddharth Raghuvanshi
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