Tuesday 30 November 2021
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Ravana Not The Wronged Hero Leftists Make Him Out To Be

The character of Ravana was a complete mess, an unmitigated disaster, a despicable fool, a reprehensible sinner, an aberration of a Brahmin


Surajit Dasgupta
Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sirf News Surajit Dasgupta has been a science correspondent in The Statesman, senior editor in The Pioneer, special correspondent in Money Life, the first national affairs editor of Swarajya, executive editor of Hindusthan Samachar and desk head of MyNation

Quite often, especially on the occasion of Dussehra aka Vijaya Dashami, a bunch of re-interpreters of traditional Indian narratives — primarily communists and feminists — project Ravana of Ramayana as a wronged hero. Depending on what appears convenient to them at the given point, they call him either an assertive Dalit or a scholarly Brahmin. Feminists see in Ravana a real lover of Sita, overlooking his atrocious behaviour with her as well as several other women. It is time to set the record straight. Let’s begin with the Facebook post of Rohit Arya, a guru, befitting the occasion.

Ravana was not destroyed on Dusshera, He was finished long before that when he started acting like an ass out of infatuation. Vijaya Dashami merely put him out of his agony. From a red perspective watching the arguments Ravana makes to Sita to dump Rama and accept him is some of the most hilariously embarrassing stuff you will ever see. He is trying to negotiate attraction when the first rule is always and without exception Desire Cannot Be Negotiated. This is so clumsy and inept you wonder how the most accomplished being the Universe has ever seen could be so stupid.

At its core is the fact that Ravana cannot comprehend he is no longer the best. Rama supersedes him in everything that matters. He was the most handsome being yes, but only till Rama took incarnation. Rama was described as Koti Kamadeva. Then Ravana brags about his family lineage. Sita was a king’s daughter. A king’s daughter in law and a king’s wife. So what argument is that? He brags of his power. The Ikshavakus were chakravartis, they had supreme authority over all of Bharatvarsha, which is the power Rama uses to punish Vali. So what power is he hoping to dazzle her with? He brags of his martial accomplishments but with her own eyes Sita had seen Rama wipe out Khara and Dushana and their army to the last man and they were not much inferior to Ravana their cousin. She knows Rama is a superior warrior. So what wealth, power, riches, argument is he holding out when she has seen it all?

All of Ravana’s arguments are useless because he is arguing from a position of inferiority. He cannot comprehend that he has been lapped that there is now a more accomplished person in existence. Only in music and dance did he retain his superiority. Anjaneya who always had a naughty sense of humor says Ravana is the full moon while Rama is the new moon. It remains to Vibheeshana to point out that is a taunt, not a compliment, that the asura king will decline while Rama will grow.

The most telling argument that Ravana has simply lived too long and no longer comprehends the world is when Sita tells him that even had he killed Rama she would never accept him as her husband, He simply does not understand. That was not how the world used to be. What is this new fangled notion of being faithful to a husband? Given that he is married to Mandodari who is a sati, this is apamaryada of an unforgivable scale. It is worse than a failure in basic morality, it is a failure of imagination. He cannot comprehend an ethical outlook on life instead of a suvidavadi one because that is the nature of the asura. And that is what always destroys them in the end.

Every prestige, power, wealth and good looks argument he had used in the past falls flat and he is reduced to threatening her that if she does not agree in a year, he will get his cooks to butcher her and cook her flesh as a feast! That is how low he sinks. People forget this cannibalism threat though I suppose as a rakshasa it is more predator prey dynamic at play.

What is the most sorry spectacle is the description that as soon as he wakes up he hurries to see Sita at Ashoka vana every single day. Jeez, fellow. If anything is guaranteed to kill attraction it is neediness of this epic scale. I will never feel sorry for Ravana but this makes me feel deeply embarrassed for him. No guy can ever recover after making such a needy calamity of himself. That and threatening to roast her for sadhya, Ultimatums are the ultimate confession of powerlessness and he made a terrible fool of himself with that.

Ravana was like a combination of Iron Man Dr Strange and Thor in his intelligence, mystical abilities and power. Still made a complete and utter fool of himself. There is no height from which you cannot fall. He had ten heads and still used only the little one.

Mitron, don’t be like Ravana over a woman. Everybody ends up pitying you which is the worst fate that can befall a once great man. The citation ends here.

What follows are 10 arrows directed at Dashanana.

  1. Ravana molested Vedavati who was doing tapasya to get Vishnu as her husband. Shiva would have slain this demon there, but Vishnu intervened, saying it was ordained that Jaya (and Vijaya) would be born thrice and, each time, would be slain by an avatara of Vishnu. Shiva relented, but the script of Ravana’s fall had been written that day.
  2. Ravana raped Rambha who was supposed to be his daughter-in-law in relation, as she was slated to marry Nalakubera, son of Kubera, Ravana’s brother. It was due to the curse of Nalakubera that followed that Ravana could not ever touch Sita, as his head would explode into seven pieces then.
  3. Ravana tried to humiliate Punjikadevi, daughter of Brahma, who repeated the curse of Nalakubera, saying all his ten heads would explode if he were to try and touch a woman without her consent.
  4. Ravana tried to molest Svahadevi before Agni, inviting Agni’s curse.
  5. Ravana molested Dvaipayana’s sister in the presence of Dvaipayana. This victim cursed him that he would be humiliated by monkeys.
  6. Ravana molested Atri’s wife in his presence.
  7. Ravana made lewd remarks, looking at some Brahmin girls who were bathing in the in the presence of their mothers.
  8. Ravana chased Sulekhadevi, the daughter of Brihaspati, after conquering Devaloka. Brihaspati cursed him with words that strengthened what was ordained that Ravana would be killed by an arrow of Rama.
  9. Ravana committed many other sins like insulting rishis, but I’ll not enumerate them here because I want to keep this post focussed on his treatment of women.
  10. Ravana was a stigma in the name of a Brahmin. His father, Rishi Vishrava the son of Rishi Pulastya, hated him since he was born with a roar. And this last point is addressed to leftist morons who try to draw modern political conclusions from our itihasa, shamelessly that is, after positing for years that our history is myth. How does a mythical creature acquire a Dravidian or Scheduled Caste identity? Idiots!

And it was not Ravana, the individual, alone. He actually presided over a kingdom of depravity. When Hanuman first entered his palace in a diminutive form, Anjaneya witnessed rakshasas and rakshasis along the corridors indulging in bisexual orgy. This behaviour was sanctioned as natural and acceptable in the rakshasa kingdom.

The character of Ravana was a complete mess, an unmitigated disaster, a despicable fool, a reprehensible sinner, an aberration of a Brahmin. The part of humanity that brushes aside his transgressions and whitewashes him as a wronged hero has an agenda that is unfunny, criminal and suicidal. They should rather wish no Ravana ever surfaces in their lives. But then, given Karl Marx’s treatment of Helene Demuth, their political father was a little Ravana in his own right. So…

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