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Rasmiya Awad, al Baghdadi’s sister, caught hiding in container

During the raid, Rasmiya Awad, her husband and daughter-in-law were all arrested together; Turkish agencies are interrogating them now

After the elimination of ISIS terrorist Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the security agencies are now catching up with his equally radicalised family members. Al Baghdadi’s sister Rasmiya Awad has been arrested in this connection from a city of northern Syria. The Turkish Army has claimed to have arrested al Baghdadi’s sister during a raid in the city of Ajaz in northern Syria.

Al Baghdadi’s sister was hiding in a container during the raid.

A senior Turkish official said that during the raid, Rasmiya Awad, her husband and her daughter-in-law were together. They were all arrested. Turkish agencies are interrogating them now.

The official said that Rasmiya Awad was caught during a raid near Abu Zuhour. He said that he hoped that during interrogation, Baghdadi’s sister would disclose the functioning of ISIS and its intelligence.

Earlier on 27 October, US President Donald Trump claimed that a joint operation of the US defence forces had cornered ISIS kingpin Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in an operation after which the terrorist committed suicide. Trump said that Baghdadi had been killed in an operation of the American Delta Force in Idlib. Baghdadi was in a house during the operation. When the US Army attacked him, he started running in a tunnel with his three children. The dogs of the US Army and the American Army chased him for some time, after which Baghdadi blew himself away, killing his children in the process, too.

Awad was Baghdadi’s family name. His real name at birth was Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al Badri al Samarrai. Abu Bakr was actually the first Caliph, who used to say prayers as a replacement of the Prophet as and when Mohammed would be physically indisposed, whose name the terrorist had adopted.

Al Badri al Samarrai was apparently born as a member of the tribal group known as Al Bu Badri tribe. This tribe includes a number of sub-tribes, including the Radhawiyyah, Husseiniyyah, Adnaniyyah, and Quraysh. Al Baghdadi later claimed that he was a descendant of the Quraysh tribe and therefore carried the lineage of Prophet Mohammed although there was no evidence to corroborate his claim.

Shamsi, Jomaa, and Ahmad are the surviving brothers of al Baghdadi. Jomaa was the closest to him who acted as his bodyguard. Shamsi did not want al Baghdadi to join ‘jihad’ despite complaining of “ill-treatment” in the custody of US as well as Saddam Hussein’s forces. He suffers serious health problems. Not much is known about Ahmad except that he leads a wretched life with severe monetary problems.

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