Kolkata Police

Kolkata: A college student has been arrested on the charge of raping a 19-year-old woman. Shashi Ranjan Rai, it is alleged, had called the woman at a desolate house and forced himself upon her.

The assault led to profuse bleeding from the victim’s private parts. On hearing some commotion and her cries for help, some neighbours rushed to the spot and informed the police.

The alleged rapist was apprehended and the victim was taken to a nursing home in the Bansdroni area of south Kolkata.

The victim hails from Salkia of the Howrah district but lives with her grandparents in south Kolkata.

The accused was produced before the ACJM court on Friday. The magistrate remanded him to police custody till 18 April for interrogation.

In another incident, a senior official of a foreign consulate office here was allegedly molested by a man at a place quite close to her office, police said today. The incident took place late in the rainy night of Wednesday on Short Street.

The middle-aged woman complained to the Shakespeare Sarani police station that she was molested by a man while she was walking on the street on Wednesday, Joint Commissioner (crime) Praveen Tripathi said.

The woman said, as she was walking towards her home from her office, the molester assaulted her from behind and groped her.

As the victim raised an alarm, the security personnel at the gate of the consulate came rushing to her rescue. The molester pushed and shoved the guards and fled the scene of the crime.

Acting on the woman’s complaint, police ran a check of the CCTV footage and the man was identified as Rohit Agarwal, a third-year commerce student of a college in south Kolkata’s Bhowanipore.

The police employed ‘call dumping’ and ‘tower dumping’ methodologies together to track the accused. In police custody, the college student reportedly admitted to his crime but added that he did not know that the woman he had targeted was a diplomat.

The accused was taken to the Bankshall court from where he was sent to judicial custody.

The police have contacted the woman for her statement and for the identification of the accused. According to Kolkata Police, she has consented to both. She will, the police said, offer her statement in secrecy.

Following the identification parade, if Agarwal is identified as the molester, the police will apply to the court to move him from judicial to police custody.

He was arrested on Thursday and is currently in judicial custody, Tripathi said.