Friday 9 December 2022
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EntertainmentRape victim of Nicki Minaj's husband speaks out first time on TV

Rape victim of Nicki Minaj’s husband speaks out first time on TV

Kenneth Petty had pleaded guilty and was convicted in 1995 of attempted first-degree rape, with the offence filed as 'sexual intercourse'; a 'knife/cutting instrument' was used in the crime

The rape victim of rapper Nicki Minaj’s convicted husband Kenneth Petty, who was 16 years old at the time of the incident of crime, spoke out publicly for the first time on 22 September. Jennifer Hough appeared on the televised programme, The Real, to speak on the lawsuit she had recently filed against the and the 1994 incident. She had told the police at the time that Petty had pulled a knife on her and forced her into a house where he raped her.

Petty pleaded guilty and was convicted in 1995 of attempted first-degree rape. According to the Sex Offender Unit database of the New York Police Department, the offence was filed as “sexual intercourse”. The police had noted that a “knife/cutting instrument” (e.g., axe, ice pick, screwdriver, switchblade, Kung Fu stars or cane sword) was used in the crime.

Petty served four years in New York State for the incident before he was released.

In August, Hough filed a lawsuit against Petty and Nicki Minaj, whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, claiming in the complaint that she had endured years of from the to silence her.

“I’m tired of being afraid,” Hough said during an appearance on The Real. “The only way to not be afraid is to continue to speak up.”

“I ’t know why it didn’t dawn on me to, like, really fight,” Hough told the hosts with tears in her eyes. “I just held on to my pants, and he’d hold my arms down. He squeezed the sides of my stomach so hard, and so I’d let go, and as soon as I let go, he’d grab my pants.”

“We were never in a relationship,” Hough added. “We never talked on the phone. We never hung out together. I just knew him from the neighbourhood.”

During the sit-down, Hough recalled a moment when Nicki Minaj allegedly reached out to her personally in March 2020.

“She called me, and she said that she got word that I was willing to help them out in a situation,” Hough alleged. “I didn’t understand what she was referring to. She offered to fly me and my family to LA. I turned it down. And I told her, woman to woman, this really happened. And I hadn’t spoken to her since.”

Petty was convicted of first-degree manslaughter and served another seven years for a man, according to TMZ. He reportedly was released in 2013.

Minaj and Petty have a son, who turns one year old this month.

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