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‘Ranu Mondal inspired by Lata, doesn’t do straight copy’

Ranu Mondal became a popular name on the internet after her video, singing Ek pyaar ka naghma hai, at a railway platform, went viral



Mumbai: Music composer Himesh Reshammiya on Wednesday said that Internet sensation Ranu Mondal is inspired by Lata Mangeshkar and has not done a ‘straight copy’ of the legendary singer’s work. Ranu Mondal became a popular name after her video, singing Ek pyaar ka naghma hai, at a railway platform, went viral.

Recently, Mangeshkar was quoted as saying that aspiring singer will only get short term success if imitate the works of yesteryear legends. Reshammiya, who has recorded two songs with Ranu Mondal for his upcoming film Happy Hardy and Heer, said Mangeshkar’s comments must be taken in the right context. “She has been inspired by Lata ji but no one can become a legend like her. She is the best. Meaning of Lata ji‘s comment was that you can get inspired, it’s a good thing, but it’s not necessary to (do a) straight copy. Which she anyway hasn’t done,” he told reporters.

There is a difference between being inspired by a singer and copying that person’s work, Reshammiya said. “Today, Arijit Singh is a great singer and if someone starts to sing exactly like him, then it doesn’t work as much. Eventually, an inspiration is very important. We are all inspired somewhere. When I started high pitch singing, people called it nasal singing but somewhere international singing was always nasal, which is now common. Inspiration is very important… Ranu was born talented,” Himesh added.

Himesh was speaking at the launch of the song, Teri Meri Kahani, sung by Ranu Mondal, for his film.

Happy Hardy and Heer is an upcoming Bollywood romantic comedy film, produced by Himesh Reshammiya, Deepshikha Deshmukh and Sabita Manakchand. Reshammiya will take up the lead role while Sonia Mann, a Punjabi actress will mark her second Hindi film as a lead actress. The film is produced by HR Musik and EYKA Films. On 11 July 2019, Tips Music uploaded the motion poster of the film on Youtube while Himesh Reshammiya posted the first official poster of the film on Instagram. On 16 July 2019, a musical teaser of the film was released.


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