Wednesday 7 December 2022
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Ramdev accuses Salman Khan of consuming drugs, questions efficacy of prohibition in Islam

The man who turned yoga exercises into a culture in modern India, Baba Ramdev today recalled the arrest of Shah Rukh Khan's son on the charge of consuming contraband while saying actor Salman Khan was a consumer of narcotic drugs too. "It is not known whether Aamir Khan takes it or not. The entire Bollywood is in the grip of drugs," the yoga guru said. He spoke at length on the duplicity of Muslims over addictive substances and accused the Mumbai industry of hosting addicts.

Baba Ramdev was relentless in his attacks on drugs with his focus on Bollywood. He said, "Big movie stars are taking drugs. The entire industry, Bollywood is in the grip of drugs. You must have seen Shah Rukh Khan's son was caught taking drugs in the past. He went to jail."

Ramdev said, "In Islam, if someone drinks alcohol, it is said that he has become impure, but (Mohammed Ali) Jinnah used to consume alcohol and he died… Achchha hua (that was good)!" the yoga guru quipped.

Ramdev said, "Seeing the strict forbidding of alcohol in Islam, intoxication by bidis and cigarettes became rampant in Muslim society."

Ramdev seized the opportunity to promote Arya Samaj, which has been hosting him as an activist since 2011: "Today, if there is one holy society in the whole country, then it is only Arya Samaj, the followers of which do not indulge in any kind of addiction."

Baba Ramdev was speaking from the platform of Arya Samaj on the subject of a drug-free India. He addressed Hindus by saying, "If Islam says a drinker is impure, you are descendants of sages. Why can't you give up alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and other intoxicants? Wherever the of 'Aryaveer Dal' live in the country, they should campaign for drug de-addiction."

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