Thursday 9 December 2021
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Ram Mandir, Article 370, welfare: PM Modi in Jharkhand

The prime minister tried explaining to the people having BJP governments at the Centre as well as in Jharkhand was the best deal they could get

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing his first election rally in Jharkhand on Monday, waxed eloquent about the virtual abrogation of Article 370 and the promise of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya, saying that the BJP always fulfilled the promises it made. The rest of the parties sustain their -banks by keeping the problems unaddressed, he said. Earlier, in his first election meeting held in Jharkhand on 21 November, Union Home Minister Amit Shah had mentioned the Ram temple, too.

The prime minister said, “Whatever promises and announcements BJP has made, we are putting turning them into reality one after the other, no matter how difficult they have been. Others have problems, we have solutions.”

Modi further said, “The way the Congress works is to avoid problems and yet ask for votes. That is why the INC kept the issue of Article 370 hanging. They kept the dispute over the birthplace of Sri Ram hanging for decades, too. They could have come up with a solution, but they catered to their -bank by not doing so. They did a lot of damage to the country and society.”

But Ram and Kashmir were not all that Modi said

Referring to the ruling BJP government in the State, Modi said, “The BJP government has worked on five realms of social justice for a new Jharkhand. The first formula is stability; the second is good governance; the third is prosperity, the fourth is respect and the fifth is safety.”

Modi said that the BJP had given Jharkhand a stable government, worked all day to eliminate corruption and has made governance transparent. “This way, BJP has opened the way to prosperity in Jharkhand,” the prime minister said.

Referring to the Maoist problem in Jharkhand, Modi said, “BJP has tried to create a fear-free environment to liberate Jharkhand from Naxalism and crime. The problem of Naxalism in Jharkhand became uncontrollable because there was political instability here. Here governments were built and vandalised by the back door. Because there were selfishness and corruption in the core.”

These selfish people have no feelings to serve Jharkhand. The only agenda of the coalition of these selfish people is the rule of power and misuse of the resources of Jharkhand

Attacking the opposition parties, the prime minister said, “These selfish people have no feelings to serve Jharkhand. The only agenda of the coalition of these selfish people is the rule of power and misuse of the resources of Jharkhand. That is why they are once again confusing you and asking for votes from you.”

Repeating the promise of a concrete house to every poor in the country by 2022, Modi said, “Today, every poor in the country is getting its own pucca house. I assure those who are not that work (to give them pucca houses) is going on fast. When India celebrates 75 years of independence in 2022, there will be no left that does not have its own pucca house.”

Linking the ambitious Ayushman Bharat Yojana with the pride of Jharkhand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Every poor is getting a free treatment that costs up to Rs 5 lakh under the Ayushman scheme. It is a matter of pride for Jharkhand that the historic scheme that started to make the entire country ayushman (long-living) was started from Jharkhand.”

‘Double benefit of Union and schemes’

the advantages of having a BJP government at the Centre and one in the State, Modi said, “Jharkhand is getting the dual benefit of Union and government schemes. The poorest of the poor have got free gas connections; this has benefited eight crore families of the country. The government has given free gas connections to 33 lakh families of Jharkhand, out of which 50,000 families are of Palamu.”

Addressing the farming class of the State, Modi said, “The Uttar Koyal reservoir scheme was stuck for nearly 40 years. Those in power never made serious efforts to complete the project. Millions of farmers in Palamu, Latehar and Garhwa were troubled for years, but the INC and its allies did not worry about them. The BJP appreciates the hard work, dreams and dignity of the farmer.”

The prime minister added, “After the BJP government was formed in Delhi and Ranchi, the problems related to this project were resolved. Once we form the government again, the project will be completed as soon as possible.”

Jharkhand will in the first phase on 30 November. Elections will be held in five phases till 20 December. The votes will be counted on 23 December.


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