Friday 27 May 2022
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Rakhigarhi excavation shows Indians wore gold jewellery 5,000 years ago

The archaeological study at Rakhigarhi reveals that this place once housed a planned, well-engineered city that also had a 5,000-year-old ornaments factory

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Gold and jewellery were in fashion even 5,000 years ago in India! The Archaeological Survey Of India (ASI) is conducting new excavations in and around the 7000-year- planned Harappan city in Rakhigarhi (Haryana), which will be completed by the end of May.

The excavation and archaeological studies at Rakhigarhi have so far revealed that this place once housed a planned, well-engineered city that also had a 5,000-year- factory.

Rakhigarhi is a famous Harrapan civilisation site. Rakhigarhi is the largest archaeological site of the Indus valley civilisation, which comes under two present-day villages Rakhi-Shahpur and Rakhigarhi-Khas.

Rakhigarhi has been classified as a major metropolitan centre of the Harappan culture. The site is one of the “five iconic sites” declared by the central government as per the Union budget 2020-21.

During excavation, the ASI studied the remains of the Harappan culture and got evidence of town planning, including streets, pucca walls and multi-storeyed houses.

According to ASI officials, the Harappan cities were built using technology far superior to that used in other ancient civilisations.

The techniques, which are now being used to build big cities like straight streets, drains and dustbins placed at corners of streets for garbage, etc were used in India even before 3,200 BC.

The ASI found excavated fossils of two women wearing jewellery. They had been buried, archaeologists say, along with utensils they used.

During an investigation conducted in 1969 by Suraj Bhan, it was found that archaeological remains of Rakhigarhi and settlements are of the nature of the Harappan culture.

During an investigation conducted by the ASI and Deccan College, it came to the fore that this place has a cluster township spread across 500 hectares.

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