Rajpal Yadav may join Congress to fight BJP’s Manoj Tiwari

As per the news going around, the Congress Party might field Rajpal against BJP's Manoj Tiwari in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from Delhi


New Delhi: Actor Rajpal Yadav, famous for his comic roles in many Bollywood films, is said to be joining the Congress soon. The Congress might field the actor against BJP’s Manoj Tiwari in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

Tiwari is the BJP MP from Delhi who is believed to have Delhi’s Poorvanchali and Bihari voters in thrall.

According to sources, Rajpal might join the Congress on Friday. He arrived in Delhi on 3 April and has since then met with former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and the chief of the Delhi Pradesh Congress.

Rajpal plays hard-to-get

Earlier, when asked about joining the Congress, Yadav had denied it. He had, however, mentioned that whenever he decided to fight an election, it would be from no place other than Delhi.

Speaking to a news channel, Yadav had this to say: “Whenever I come to Delhi, I meet Sheila Dikshit. Coincidentally, today is her birthday too; so, I met her today. Whenever I come, I meet everyone and seek their blessings.”

On the question of his joining the Congress, Yadav said that there is nothing like this in his mind now and assured that whenever it happens, the would be informed first.

Prior to this, on 27 March, Yadav had also met Samajwadi Party’s national president Akhilesh Yadav in Lucknow. Then too, it was speculated that he might be joining the party.


Yadav was sentenced to 10-day imprisonment in 2013 for filing a false affidavit in court. He spent four days in  after which a division bench of the High Court suspended the sentence on his appeal.

The Delhi High Court Yadav had sentenced Yadav in a separate case to 3 months in civil prison. His guilt was non-repayment of a loan that he had taken in 2010 for his directorial debut by on 30 November 2018. He was immediately taken into custody by the Delhi Police.

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