Sunday 11 April 2021
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PoliticsIndiaRajinikanth grows cold feet, won't launch political party

Rajinikanth grows cold feet, won’t launch political party

Rajinikanth was discharged on 27 December after his blood pressure stabilised and was advised a week’s rest by doctors

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Actor Rajinikanth announced today that he would not launch a political party, as anticipated. He had said earlier he would make the announcement on 31 December. In a three-page statement that he posted on Twitter, the actor has apologised for not launching the party.

“Only I know the pain of announcing this decision,” Rajinikanth said.

Rajinikanth said in a statement posted on his Twitter account that he sees as a message from God what happened during the shooting of upcoming film Annaatthe and the subsequent health scare.

Rajinikanth has said that he takes the recent development over his health condition as a warning from God and he will not go ahead with his plans to take the political plunge for the 2021 Tamil Nadu election.

It may be recalled that Rajinikanth was hospitalised in Hyderabad last Friday after his blood pressure fluctuated. When doctors found nothing alarming with the superstar’s health condition, he was discharged on 27 December.

Earlier this week, he was admitted to a private hospital in Hyderabad with ‘severe hypertension and exhaustion’. Doctors discharged him on 27 December after his blood pressure stabilised. They advised him a week’s rest.

Doctors told Rajinikanth to be in complete bed rest with regular monitoring of his blood pressures “in view of his post-transplant status, labile hypertension and age,” Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, said a statement. The doctors have counselled him to avoid any activity that increases the risk of contracting Covid-19, the hospital added.

Rajinikanth, 70, has been advised complete bed rest for one week to help avoid stress in view of his post-kidney transplant status, labile hypertension and age.

Rajinikanth had announced his plans to launch his political party in January ahead of the Tamil Nadu assembly elections in 2021. However, days ahead of the launch, Rajinikanth has cancelled the plans.

Withdrawal of Rajinikanth dashes BJP’s hope

Sources said the AIADMK since the death of J Jayalalithaa has left the BJP underwhelmed. The party had hoped, they said, that if the party promised by Rajinikanth would take off and then they would enter the state riding piggyback on his popularity to circumvent the perception it is a “Hindi party”. Likewise, Rajinikanth fashioned his politics in saffron colours, going for much-publicised pilgrimages a few years ago after announcing three years ago, on 31 December 2012, that his own political party was on the cards.

That hope is now dashed, said a source in the BJP in New Delhi. An RSS pracharak said Rajinikanth had showed a lot of promise with his effort to revive the Hindu ethos in the polity of a state whose populace is arguably more religious already than the rest of the national demography.

Sensing the BJP’s discomfort with its ally in Tamil Nadu, AIADMK MP KP Munusamy, who is also the deputy coordinator for the state elections, said on Sunday his party will lead the poll alliance. “If any national party wants to dictate otherwise, they’re welcome to not to be part of the amalgam,” he underlined. Tamil Nadu elections are due in April-May 2021.

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