Tuesday 24 May 2022
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Rajamouli, maker of RRR, explains why Ram Charan got more screen time than Jr NTR

RRR maker SS Rajamouli explained that Ram Charan and Jr NTR could both appear as the bigger star in the film depending on the perception of the audience

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Maker of SS Rajamouli has reacted to claims that Ram Charan got more screen time than his co-star Jr NTR in the film after Ram Charan refuted such reports, saying that he believed both Jr NTR and he did good justice to their respective characters in the movie. Rajamouli said that he understood the perception.

Rajamouli said that RRR would never have been such a huge box office success if the two lead actors were not treated equally. The filmmaker then explained why it might appear that Ram Charan has a bigger role in the film. He told Bollywood Hungama, “It was not a right way of putting it that Charan earned all the accolades.”

“As a director, I cannot be happier with the kind of output that both of them gave. But saying that one actor is better than the other is the way you look at it. For example, I can say that Charan has been given more space in the climax because it is the last thing that you walk away with, it feels like Charan is getting more attention than Tarak (Jr NTR). But if I had stopped the film after Komuram Bheemudo, it would look like Charan is just a bystander and Tarak is taking away the entire screen space. As a storyteller, you shouldn’t do that kind of judgement. Always look at how much empathy, as an audience, you are feeling for the characters,” the filmmaker said.

Rajamouli explained that Ram Charan and Jr NTR could both appear as the bigger star in the film depending on the perception of the audience. He said, “If you look at the story, Tarak saves Charan twice. Charan saves Tarak once. There is one point where Charan says, ‘For 15 years, I was not clear what my was. Tarak showed me the way with one song. I thought a weapon was a physical thing, but Tarak showed me that weapon is an emotion. He has shown me the way.’ If you look at this perspective then you will feel that Tarak is the hero and Charan is just following him. But if you look at it in another way, when Charan asks, ‘What can I give you?’ and Tarak says ‘Give me shiksha (education)’, then Charan is the teacher and Tarak is the disciple.” He noted that the film would not have made Rs 1000 crore if the balance wasn’t perfect between these two actors.

RRR recently entered the Rs 1000 crore club worldwide just two weeks after its release. It has become the third film in the history of Indian to make more than Rs 1000 crore at the worldwide box office, after Dangal and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion.

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