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Railways to provide jerk-free rides on Shatabdis, Rajdhanis

All the Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express trains have been fitted with modern couplers, which will ensure a smooth ride to the passengers


New Delhi: Moving ahead with technology, Indian Railways’ fleet of Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express trains will offer a jerk-free journey to passengers, railway officials said.

A senior Railway Ministry official said that all the Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express trains have been fitted with modern couplers, which will ensure a smooth ride to the passengers.

A coupler is a device that connects coaches with each other. According to the official, the railways is changing the -old couplers with newly developed Centre Buffer Coupler (CBC) with balanced draft gear.

The official said: “The standard coupler on connecting LHB (Linke-Hoffmann-Busch) coaches had some issues which resulted in jerks during rides.

The new version of the CBC has high-capacity shock absorbers which ensure that jerks are not felt in case of braking and during acceleration, resulting in making the ride smoother for passengers, he said.

The Railways have arranged to add the LHB Stock to almost 5,000 coaches. All the LHB stoked, premium trains are famous for their jolts that the passengers experience especially at very high speed and whenever the loco pilot takes a sudden brake.

There are many issues in travelling via train. The issue of security is one of the prior issues. The losing balance while walking in running Rajdhani is also one of the common issues. There is no facility for the couples regarding the safety issue. These are the complaints which had led to questioning being raised in both the houses of Parliament.

“The Rolling Stock team in RDSO, Zones and Board then reviewed the designs, technicals etc and embarked on a mission mode to eliminate jerks within six months starting in November 2018,” Rajesh Agrawal, Railway Board Member Rolling Stock said.

“This has now been completed. Further, drivers are being counselled to use dynamic or regenerating braking at speeds above 30kmph in order to completely smoothen the draft or buffing forces. For the future, semi-automatic couplings are being planned as in Vande-Bharat express.” He also said.

The remaining rakes were retrofitted with this solution in South Eastern Railways. Carried out without fanfare, this work took two years at a cost of almost Rs 5 lakh per coach and all the rakes (trains) have now been covered.

This retrofit solution to eliminate the jerks involved alternating the single pack draft gear. However the floating plate draft gear with balanced draft gear in the Centre Buffer Couplers.

The CBCs had a fault of allowing internal movement which amplified into jolts and swaying. But the new balance draft gear is equipped with shock-absorbers.

Loco Pilots are being ordered not to use air brakes at high speed but alternatively, they are commanded to use the dynamic regenerative braking of the engine maximum time.

The have to insert into its program of special safety fund of Rs one lakh crore. Railways have prepared itself to collect its resources to get rid of raking problems and to arrange retrofit in all the coaches in Indian Railways.

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