Wednesday 8 February 2023
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IndiaElectionsRahulspeak: Sending rocket to moon does not feed hungry

Rahulspeak: Sending rocket to moon does not feed hungry

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, addressing an election rally in Maharashtra on Sunday, targeted the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government and Prime Minister fiercely, at the same time making some odd statements, as is his wont, that may not go down well with the masses.

Defying the nationwide craze over Chandrayaan-2, which even the international took a keen interest in, Rahul Gandhi took a dig at the Modi government, saying that sending rockets to the moon would not fill the stomachs of the youth of Maharashtra and the country. “If Congress comes to power here, we will not promise the moon. We will promise only what we can fulfil,” he said.

During the speech, Rahul Gandhi took a dig also at the media. He said that the belonged to the biggest industrialists. The damage has just started and it a “very bad impact” will be felt in the coming 6-7 months.

The Congress leader questioned who benefited from demonetisation and GST. He said that demonetisation helped people like Nirav Modi. “The farmer is scared while people like Nirav Modi sleep peacefully,” Rahul Gandhi remarked. He said, “Nirav Modi ran away and Prime Minister says ‘if demonetisation was not good, then hang me’!”

Rahul Gandhi targeted another flagship project of the prime minister: Make in India. He said, “What happened to ‘Make in India’? What we see all around is ‘Made in China’. Why does the not show that everything in the country is made in China? The youth of China are getting the employment that our youth need.”

The drubbing his party received in the Lok Sabha election notwithstanding, the Congress leader raked up the failed plank of the Rafale deal again. Rahul Gandhi claimed that the Ministry of Defence knew about PM Modi’s interference in the Rafale deal. “The whole country knows there was theft in Rafale deal, people from the defence ministry wrote clearly that PM Modi is interfering in the deal that is why there is guilt. The name ‘Rafale’ hurts, that is why Rajnath Singh ji went to France to collect Rafale,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Prime Minister addressed a public meeting in Maharashtra, too. Modi said, ‘We assured you during the Lok Sabha election that every farmer would be brought under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi and small farmers would be linked with the facility of pension. Today both these promises have turned into reality.”

The prime minister raised the issue of water, saying, ‘Earlier, the affairs of water used to be looked after by different ministries and departments; everything was scattered. One effect of this also that the water-related schemes used to take years to complete. Now all these departments have been brought under the Ministry of Water Power.”

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