Tuesday 18 January 2022
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Rahul Rajput’s friend reveals Mohammed Afroz’s plot for murder

Neither Arvind Kejriwal nor Rahul Gandhi would see the cold-blooded murder of Rahul Rajput as a sequel in a deadly, nationwide pattern

On 7 October, that ill-fated day, some friends called Rahul Rajput, who lived in Adarsh Nagar, Delhi, from home and took him away to a place where he was beaten to death. But why did Rahul go to meet such people — given that he had received threats to his life earlier? A friend of Rahul has now uncovered the mystery.

Rahul Rajput’s murder: Call with which the plot unfolded

Around 6 o’clock a cousin of Rahul’s friend received a call, asking for Rahul’s number, as it was saved in an old phone of hers.

The friend gave his cousin the number of Rahul’s aunt. Within 2 minutes of this call, the aunt received a call. She, in turn, called Rahul.

The cousin used the pretext of studies for which she needed the tutor, she claimed.

Rahul leaves never to come back

Rahul asked the friend whether he should walk to that meeting point. He was told it wouldn’t take more than 5 min. Reportedly, the girl who had spoken to Rahul’s aunt was called too. But then, instead of any girl, Afroz arrives with his accomplices and beats up Rahul black and blue.

Afroz’s sister gets hurt in the brawl. She is sent to Nari Niketan. The SHO of Adarshanagar police station says the girl is facing the risk to her life now from her own family.

The girl tells the SHO she could be killed.

The family of Rahul Rajput is inconsolable now. ‘Rahul was not killed just like that, he was murdered for a reason,” they say. He was beaten so much that he lost his life, they add.

Religious fanaticism killed Rahul

The religious fundamentalism that killed Rahul now concerns the whole country that is witnessing such incidents every other day, residents of Adarsh Nagar are saying. The family says Rahul would probably be alive today. He would have survived if the policemen had not forgotten their duty. Rahul was brutally beaten up on 7 October and no law enforcer intervened, the victim’s family says.

Rahul’s friend says that the assailants kicked his belly repeatedly, rupturing his internal organs.

Rahul had pleaded he was not well. He had pleaded for mercy, the friend says, telling them the blows could kill him. But they kept punching and kicking him, the friend told reporters.

Muslim women who fall for Hindu men not safe either

The girl got no help from anywhere. She kept screaming as Rahul was assaulted and she was dragged away. No neighbour intervened either. She somehow ran to the police post nearby, but there was no help from there either.

On the street where the incident took place, there is a police post. But it was barely manned. The cop there said he was not equipped to stop a brawl. The girl pleaded Rahul could get killed, but the constable did not move.

Further, there are eight accused in the crime, but only five have been arrested. “Do the police want to cover up the case?” ask the neighbours.

Why did the police not arrest the remaining 3 accused?

Rahul’s friend alleges the police want to spare the other three.

“I have heard that five have been caught. Why are five caught when they were eight? What is the police doing? I don’t know their names. I know the appearance of one, I told the police to look for him. Why is he not caught?” Rahul’s friend told the press.

Rahul was a promising student of BA second year. He taught in people’s homes to unburden his family. But friendship with a Muslim girl became his nemesis.

Family members allege that on the day of the incident, the police refused to register a case. The police have arrested the girl’s brother Mohammad Raj Hassan and Manwar Hassan in this case as they held Afroz and Mohammed Raza too.

A Delhi Police officer says there is no conspiracy. “What is the conspiracy in this? There was an affair between the two, that’s why they were murdered,” he claims. Delhi Police is not ready to believe that this murder is a thoughtful conspiracy, but BJP leader claims that a conspiracy behind the murder.

checks in

-turned-BJP politician calls this a planned homicide. He draws parallels with previous incidents in Delhi like the murders of Dhruv Tyagi and Ankit Saxena. He says that, in the last three years, three individuals lost their lives for no sin other than being Hindu.

Mishra recalls 31-year-old Hindu teacher Ankit Garg who was murdered in Delhi in October 2018. In February 2018, 23-year-old Ankit Saxena was killed by the girl’s family members in Delhi for befriending a Muslim girl. Dhruv Tyagi was killed in Delhi in May 2019 for intervening when a bunch of Muslims was molesting his daughter.

Rahul Rajput is the latest victim in the series, Mishra adds.

The INC and other parties, which have done politics of protest in the name of Dalits and Muslims, kept silent on these incidents of crime in Delhi, Mishra says.

The local Aam Aadmi Party MLA visited the house of Rahul Rajput and the Delhi government has announced compensation for the family. However, there is nothing like turning the incident as an example of a social malaise that is affecting the whole country from Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal or INC’s former president Rahul Gandhi, Mishra points out.

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