Friday 2 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaRahul Gandhi: We 52 are enough to take on NDA govt

Rahul Gandhi: We 52 are enough to take on NDA govt

In the Congress Working Committee meeting recently, Rahul Gandhi had offered to resign after the party's disappointing performance

New Delhi: In the Congress parliamentary party meeting on Saturday, party president Rahul Gandhi gave a new mantra to the newly elected MPs. While thanking the party workers in the meeting, the Congress president said that everybody connected with the Congress should remember that this fight was to save the constitution.

Borrowing from the lexicon of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Gandhi said that 52 MPs of Congress have enough to fight the BJP “for every inch”. During the Lok Sabha election campaign, Banerjee had said she would exact revenge “inch by inch” on the BJP.

The defeat in the Lok Sabha election has pushed the Congress to a difficult battle against the government.

The Congress president asked the newly elected MPs to fight for and the Constitution. He said, “We 52 MPs have to fight together. Even though we are 52 in number, we are capable of fighting the BJP for every inch.”

In the Congress Working Committee meeting recently, Gandhi had offered to resign after the party’s disappointing performance. After the CWC meeting, he participated in a party programme for the first time today after the election, where he tried to boost the morale of Congress MPs.

Gandhi said the Congress’s fight was for every person regardless of their colour or faith. “Our struggle is for every citizen of the country and this fight is beyond caste, religion, gender, apartheid,” he said.

Rajya Sabha MPs of the Congress participated in the meeting of the Congress parliamentary party, too.

Sonia Gandhi was elected leader of Congress parliamentary party in the meeting. The right to choose the Congress leader in the Lok Sabha was given to Sonia Gandhi. After being elected leader of the parliamentary party, she thanked party workers.

Sonia Gandhi thanked all the voters who voted for the Congress, too. The CPC head expressed gratitude to all the party workers for their hard work in the Lok Sabha election.

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