Monday 27 September 2021
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Rahul Gandhi lied about ‘outsiders in RS’: Video evidence

Defending the allegation of Rahul Gandhi nevertheless, INC MP Kumar Ketkar said he must have had some proof; "he is not a liar," he remarked

After former INC president Rahul Gandhi claimed that outsiders had entered the and manhandled some MPs on Wednesday, new CCTV footage released by the union government shows that they were, in fact, some MPs of the oldest party that had manhandled women marshals.

The video footage shows INC MPs pushing marshals repeatedly. The women MPs were, in fact, holding collars of the women marshals.

Two marshals were injured in the incident and one of them was taken to the dispensary for treatment.

Earlier today, Rahul Gandhi had claimed that members of the Rajya Sabha were manhandled and physically beaten.

“Yesterday, for the first in the history of our country, members of the were manhandled and physically beaten. This was nothing short of murder of democracy,” he said.

INC MP Chhaya Verma claimed on television that men marshals had tried to push them back by using women marshals as shields. “We did not do anything,” she said.

However, when a journalist confronted her, the INC MP changed her statement, saying some other woman MP was pushed by the marshals. 

Meanwhile, defending the allegation of Rahul Gandhi, INC MP Kumar Ketkar said that he must have had some proof. “He is not a liar,” he remarked.

Attacking Rahul for his statement, BJP leader Sambit Patra alleged that the Opposition parties broke the glass inside the Parliament and said that the security guard was injured and has been admitted to the hospital.

He said further that the people of the country would not forgive these people as they are trying to murder the democracy.

Earlier on Wednesday, opposition members in the slammed the government over the incidents in the House when a bill related to insurance businesses was taken up for passage. 

NCP leader Sharad Pawar had alleged that “women MPs were attacked” and “more than 40 men and women were brought into the upper house from outside to control the MPs”.

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