Sunday 23 January 2022
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Rahul Gandhi: I am Hindu but not Hindutvawadi

'India is a country of Hindus and not Hindutvadis, who want to be in power in any condition,' Rahul Gandhi said, attacking the Sangh Parivar

Indian National Congress (INC) leader Rahul Gandhi on 12 December hit out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led union government over inflation and rising fuel prices.

He was speaking at the party’s mega against inflation in Jaipur.

The leader in a veiled attack at the govt said, “India is a of Hindus and not Hindutvadis, who want to be in power in any condition”.

Hindutvadis are responsible for inflation and suffering in the country, said Rahul.

“This is a of Hindus, not Hindutvadis. If there is inflation in the country and there is suffering, then this has been done by Hindutvadis. Hindutvadis want power in any condition,” Gandhi said.

He targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying his friends have “ruined” the country.

“Modi jee and his three-four industrialist friends ruined the country in seven years,” Rahul Gandhi alleged.

“I am a Hindu and not Hindutvadi,” he said.

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